PhotoClub by MMMOOO, Picture Editing Fun For Your BlackBerry

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I know there are other photo editing apps out there, here’s a new one. This is PhotoClub and it allows quite a bit of fun additions you can place in a photo, crop it, make it fit, frame it, you name it. Check it out…

PhotoClub by MMMOOO is a great little application that allows you to take a photo and add to it, similar to Picture Magic. Here are the features listed from the BlackBerry Sync Store:

  • 6 functions to deal with your photo, you can use one of them or some of them in one time
  • You can add own custom cliparts or frame
  • Easy to use, speedy in operation
  • Premium & Free link inside to enjoy more than just one art designing from MMMOOO

I installed the application on my BlackBerry Tour 9630 with 5.0. The app installed easily and I can show you some of the great features you can utilize with a photo.

First, you to your photos in media. You can choose a photo that you want to edit and click the menu button which has “Open with PhotoClub”. Choose this and as you see, the edit options are there.

There is the ability to resize the picture, additional clipart to place in the photo, text, to save and options and the help and exit button.

Here are some of the examples of the clipart. Add hair, sunglasses, hats, eyes, etc. Have fun tweaking your photos.

Here are some examples of the frames. There are quite a few to choose from.

This is how the text and fonts choices look when they come up. You choose the font, color, and size and place it anywhere you want.

This is options.

This is help.

And after editing and all you can do pets, objects, and even people.

It’s fun, has the directions included, I had no troubles with it. And now for the price, it’s only $6.99. Not bad for a photo editing software for your phone. It’s fun, easy, small, and incorporates easily with your phone.

Grab your copy of PhotoClub by MMMOOO for $6.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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