Hot Giveaway: We Have 20 Zuki Notepad Premium Themes To Give Away!

May 15, 2010 | By | 24 Comments

We have a real special for you today, I’m running a giveaway on Zuki Mobile’s Zuki Notepad Premium Theme. This theme is clean, fast, professional, it’s fun. I love the way this theme gives the office feel and of course the crumpled look. It’s like the “if at first you don’t succeed” feeling from the office…

The Zuki Notepad is something you’ll like, get comments on, and looks so realistic. And you gotta love the red paper clip alerts. It’s an exceptional theme and we were really thankful to have twenty copies to give away.

So here’s the catch. Leave a comment with what you like about the theme and share some love with BlackBerry Sync and Zuki Mobile. Simple right? And of course Zuki Mobile is on Twitter, so if you have a Twitter, be sure and follow them at @zukimobile .

The contest will be good till Monday evening. Good luck and let the comments begin!

You can also grab a copy of the Zuki Notepad Premium Theme for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store

***The contest has been officially closed. I will be emailing the winners and announcing them shortly. Thank you everyone for your comments, just wait till you get your copy! Zuki has a way of making some of the most visually stunning themes I’ve seen. And quick on the phone. And for testing, days are spent refining them till they meet their level of perfection. ***

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  • JeroenvdH

    So another great contest!

    Im now a BB user for 1 year and i am still looking for a great theme, i just bought now 4 of them all does not fit with what i like, so i hope with this premium package i have the right theme what i preffer,

    So that why i hope i get this theme for free, ofcourse i will start follow the guys on twitter!

    Thanks for this great oppertunity and greetings from the Netherlands!

  • dhgifford

    Wow! this looks like what I have been searching for.

  • Matthew

    I love how the background is with the icons.

    I like this type of theme. Looks like someone sketched out the icons!

    I would love to have this theme on my Blackberry!

  • jason vorheez

    I really dig the ink blotches on the white background. IT looks like my notebook in high school when a pen broke in my book bag, lol

  • kata

    Awesome! I love this theme. I like the whole pen and paper motif going on with it. I’d love to get my hands on it. Thanks again to Bbsync and Zuki mobile.

  • melly

    Wow, this looks neat theme. You guys always have the good stuff to give away

  • Grant

    I love putting pretty themes whenever I get a new phone. This theme will look nice on my Blackberry 9700. :) Please let me win. Thanks!

  • Troy Miller

    One of the best looking themes i have seen, never bought a theme, tried a few demos and freebies, but always go back to old faithful. Just never seen anything i really like, but this one is sharp, nice graphics, different.

  • Darith

    I like the pencil like sketch like feel of the theme. =)

  • Hans

    Love it, nice theme n graphic.
    Count me in from those 20 peoples. Thx

  • cooltaurean

    This is visually one really cool theme. Right from my 8320 curve days I have been a real fan of scribble based themes and this one right here is the closest I can get to it on my bold2 now. The whole idea of having a sketchy theme on my mobile makes me feel very exited and the fonts look coooool too.
    If I get my hands on this one it will stay on my bbery for a very long time. I am sure this will be appealing to my little one as well.
    Let me know if I could get this please.

  • Jim

    This is a slick looking theme. Reminds me A LOT of how my desk is with my scribbled hand written notes.

  • Steph

    This is a cool theme… definitely is my style because it looks like something I would doodle on a notebook…or a post-it! :)

  • John

    I love the icons of this theme. The hand drawn look is great, but they’re still high quality. It gives a great and unique quality to the theme. It will make my Blackberry stand out. I love theming my Blackberry, and loved when Sync first showed this one off.

  • roz

    very nice theme. i would love a copy.

  • Darryl Mac

    I love how simple, yet standout it is. You don’t always need over the top colors and movements to work wonders. Great theme.

  • Kyle

    I can’t say I was around for the inception of Zuki, but I CAN tell you that their themes are generally simple, like myself, and still creatively stunning, also… like myself!

    This theme specifically can draw your attention quite easily with the simple colours, but hollow graphics. It looks like one to definitely stand out from the crowd! Hopefully I’ll get in on some of that theme love and be able to enjoy this one.

    Thanks BBSync for being the absolute best! Happy Birthday to you guys!

  • melissa monzon

    Quiero el tema pero como pago? Rayos!! Esta demasiado fashion please i need you!!

  • whitney ashby

    Omg. I love this theme please send me a free copy.

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