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May 7, 2010 | By | 29 Comments

We tried to get the giveaways out, and we’ve saved a few for this week. Tyler from Motek was gracious enough to give us the fave apps they have to offer, and I have plenty of copies to giveaway. What apps do we have for our Birthday Giveaway? Keep reading…

The first app we have for a giveaway is the beautiful Tru Luv Theme, Motek’s #1 rated theme, a Widescreen Hidden Dock Theme. We have a hundred copies to giveaway. This theme is bright pink, is so pretty and just says love. It has everything in hearts, you can’t help but feel that warm glow. To win a copy of Tru Luv, you can do one or both. Leave a comment here sharing the love with us and Motek, or follow @BlackBerrySync on Twitter and @motekmobile and give a shout out with the tag #BlackBerrySync . Make sure you follow and tag so we can get hold of you and give you the link.

The second app for giveaway is the Widescreen HD Hidden Dock Theme. This theme is fast, won’t slow your phone down, and really leaves the picture full so you can have a background of your choice and it comes with six cusomizable icons that you can hide. Nice theme that lets you enjoy the pics you want to see. This theme is best for those who really want to show their pics and wallpapers off.

And last but not least, my most favorite: Color ID. Color ID allows you to add customization to your contacts by setting personalized LED status alerts with email, incoming calls, and SMS. You will always know who’s trying to contact you, even when your phone is on silent. This is one of my faves because you can choose any color or combo you want, and even include the disco LED.

For this giveaway and the Widescreen HD, we want you to leave a comment and whether you want Color ID or the Widescreen HD. We have a hundred of each, so hurry and let us know what you would like. Comments can be short and sweet, but we’d really appreciate knowing what you’ve liked most about our website in the last three years. Thanks Motek!

PS. We’ll email you as the comments begin, so hurry! Pass the word and retweet on Twitter, tell your friends, let’s see how many of us are in Sync with our devices!

***We have officially closed the contest, I will be emailing the winners and posting the names soon! Thanks for participating***

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  • Josh D

    I really love how the last 3 years you guys have always brought something fresh to the table. I mean how many BlackBerry sites are out there that feed off of each others findings? BlackBerrySync always has treasures around that are new and uncovered. Thanks BBSync and Motek. I would like the Color Id please.

  • Lisa C.

    I would like a copy of Color I’d please. Thanks BBsync and Motek

  • Eddie

    Happy Birthday Blackberry Sync. I would love a copy of Color ID.

    While I have only been visting your website for a year, I find it to have the most up to date info. Also you folks do a job of coordinating both your website and Twitter posts.

    Thanks BBSync and Motek.

  • Nfldberryguy

    I’ve been coming to this site regularly for months. Great news. I have it set to my RSS feed & wouldn’t miss it. I’d like to be entered for the HD theme – looks great. Happy Birthday & thanks!

  • John

    I like the look of the Widescreen HD theme. I love taking pictures, and more often than not, they’re with my BB because I always have it with me. And the Tour can take a decent picture. I like having a theme where I can put a picture that I’ve maybe taken recently and have it as my backdrop.

    I love your site. I like getting all the latest information and information on the horizon. I love getting to see your opinion on apps for my BB before I buy them. I actually read your site before I even had my BB, when I was looking at what phone to buy. Reading your site was one of the factors that contributed to me purchasing my BB, and I love it. So thank you for that. And, since I do have one, reading your site is easier since I can read it from there.

  • feedDunk

    I really like the news feed you push to twitter. I can stay in the loop with the blackberry news. The reviews and news are KING!
    I would love a copy of Color ID for my wife.

    Loyal reader,

  • Vyrenee

    Different perspective on your website.

    Would like color id please, thanks.

  • Nfldberryguy

    I thought I had commented earlier, but I don’t see it. Anyway, love the site. Coming here for months. Great news & even have it incorporated into my RSS feed. Would love a copy of the HD theme & thanks!

  • Steven R

    Color id would be great! Props to BBSync and Motek…You guys rock!

  • Kyle

    Hey! Happy Birthday to you guys for sure! I will admit that since you’ve been open, I haven’t been a reader, but that’s because I didn’t even have a blackberry three years ago! However, since about a year ago, I’ve been reading your blogs, and the information you bring is fantastic! Thanks a million for all the great news you bring and I look forward to continuing to read about whatever you have to say on Blackberries, especially if it pertains to the Bold 9700! Happy Birthday again.

    If you’ve got a copy of Widescreen HD Hidden Dock Theme, I’d love to take that. Oddly enough, I still don’t have Caller ID, so Color ID wouldn’t do me much good!

  • Melanie

    Happy Birthday again. I would love Color ID or Widescreen HD Hidden Dock Theme. Thanks

  • Chris I


    I found your website about six months ago. I now always go to Blackberry Snyc for my news and information. And since you put me on to Moltek, they are doing some great designs.

    Happy birthday!!

    And I would like Widescreen HD

  • Amy

    Love the site. :) I’d love ColorID, please.

  • Lauren

    i would love color id. thanks!

  • mishka

    colorID please & thanks :)

    this site is great with reviews for apps. very helpful!!

  • Lynn

    I would love the Color ID please. As long as it works on a Curve 8330.

  • will

    I love your site. I get all my information for my blackberry from this site. I keep up with all my updates. Winks to the sync. I would like the wide screen HD theme thank you. I will always keep my bb sync.

  • Scae

    Love the site colorId would be great! Thanks for turning me on to Waze!

  • stephanie

    Thanks for this. Would like Color ID please.

  • AJ

    Awesome giveaway. I’d love to have Color Id. It is such a cool app :D

  • warren

    I would like to win! This app is amazing!

  • Robin

    Hopefully I can get the widescreen HD theme. I check blackberry at alltop all the time, but I keep getting back to Blackberry Sync, so that says a lot about how you constantly bring better stuffs than other sites, thanks a bunch!

  • Moish

    Would love the “Widescreen HD” theme, or the “color ID”

  • Mackie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB SYNC!!!and Good luck on another Year…
    Your site keeps me updated on BB improvements and new products… I check in on a weekly basis to stay informed.
    I’m interested in Color ID….

  • Sam K

    My favorite thing about your website is the news and information that you post in your blog. Happy Belated Birthday! I’d like a copy of Color ID. Thanks.

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