Giveaway: Your Chance To Light Up Your BlackBerry With Zuki Luminosity

May 21, 2010 | By | 10 Comments

I was just given some copies of Zuki Luminosity Premium theme for our readers, so another contest it is. We’ve had some really neat giveaways coming your way. We try to bring you the most unique and original themes we can that deserve the attention of our readers. You’ll love this colorful theme that will paint your BlackBerry and will keep you visually entertained. The catch? Keep reading…

I have twenty copies of Zuki Luminosity Premium theme so here’s the guidelines to the contest. In order to qualify for a free theme, you have to tell us what your first BlackBerry theme was and why you downloaded it. Was it free? Was it paid? What was it about the theme that attracted you to it? Share with us and you get a free theme.

Good luck and let the comments begin!

If you don’t want to leave a comment for a free theme, you can still grab your copy of Zuki Luminosity for $3.49 till May 23rd from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

***This contest has been officially closed, winners will be notified and announced***

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  • Luke Daniels

    Cool, I’d like this theme. thanks for the opportunity.

  • abhinav

    My first blackberry theme was a free theme called iFail_Again. I downloaded it coz it’d custom icon set which I really liked & gave my bb a different look from the default theme. Looking forward to winning a copy of Zuki Luminosity to Light Up my 9700. :D

  • Lynn

    Hmmmm, lets see… that was such a long time ago. I’m pretty sure my first theme was a Harley Davidson logo theme – lots of flames, with black and orange woven into the icons. I got it cause I ride, and yes, I paid for it.

    As always, thanks BBSync for the coolest giveaways!

  • straton tarimo

    My first BB theme was new is free
    I love nature themes but I am living in Tanzania in which purchasing themes is
    very difficult.If possible you can use our
    carrier in order for us to purchase themes directly by our local currency.
    If I could in other way to purchase the
    Product I could.
    So I always wait these chances you give us to make our BB “kupendeza” i.e to look

  • e

    my first bbtheme was today+ on the curve 8310 because it gave me the best of both worlds zen and today

  • Carolina

    I loved this theme!! Please send it to me!

  • Ziad

    I have the theme that comes with bold 9700… didnt download any theme till now…i would love to have this one on my BB, thanks :)

  • msPurpleMAC

    My first theme was from nancydrew and ashabees theme club,
    Nancydrew: punk pink
    Ashabees: sprinkles

  • Sal

    My first theme was hello kitty in pink…and hopefully this will be my next one ! Thanks alot BBS and Zuki luminosity :)

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