Giveaway: Volcom Stone Theme With Screen Links, “Youth Against Establishment”

May 22, 2010 | By | 18 Comments

This theme is a bit different from others we’ve posted. In case some of us (like myself) don’t know what Volcom is, it’s a clothing manufacturer that also sponsors the grassroots effort of “Let The Kids Ride Free” which holds free skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding competitions, and sponsor skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders. This theme does a great job of capturing that essence.

This is the Volcom Stone Theme by Motek Americas Inc. Volcom’s moto is “Youth Against Establishment”, and the theme captures it all. We have a hundred copies to giveaway, and I want to show you a little more about the theme before I share the catch.

The theme has the following features:

  • Hidden Volcom Icon Dock  – Scroll up to hide icons and down to reveal them!
  • Link to FREE Volcom backgrounds for even more customization
  • Rotating Volcom Logo Hourglass
  • Rad screen transitions – swipe, fade and slide into your next screen – OS 4.7 and up
  • Light weight  – will not take up precious memory or slow your device down
  • Colorful buttons and highlighters
  • New fonts for banner items and app descriptions
I like the screenshots that I saw, extremely customizable and a variety for you to get that just right feel. And it stands for a company that’s all about expression and action. You can proudly sport a theme that signifies that. And Motek is all about quality and standing behind their product. This theme is more than just a fully customizable bar that’s hidden, the availability of different screens to further customize it and make it your own, it’s a statement in itself.
So here’s the catch. To win a free copy of Volcom Stone, we want a comment of one of two subjects.
  • What kind of themes you like and what kind you would love to have that you can’t find anywhere.
  • What you love about Volcom, and whether you do any snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing yourself as well.
Good luck and let the comments begin!
P.S. I’d really like to see someone create a theme based on Clue or Cluedo with the six or eight suspects, the ten rooms, the six to nine weapons. I think it would make for a fun theme and icons, but that’s just a game I’ve always thought was fun.
***This contest has been officially closed and the winners have been notified by email and the announcement will be posted shortly***

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  • Patric

    I love themes that have hotspots and custom icons. Also, I like to have a weather slot on the home screen. I use a storm 2, but I find myself automatically reaching for it in landscape. I would love to have a theme that has an actual landscape home screen with all of this…

  • msPurpleMAC

    I love themes that are unique and colorful themes. With this contest am laerning about volcom.

  • Summer

    I like this theme too. Funny, I have a Volcom sweater that I really like. I look for and love Name Brand themes. I would like this theme!

  • Renato

    I like Volcom, please give me a copy of this wonderful theme

  • joey helzer

    i am a 42 year old snowboarder, skateboarder,dirtbiker, wakeboarder. i love everything volcom. i am also the type of person to change themes all the time. i just like the different looks to change things up. so themes that constantly change would be cool. i have been wearing volcom for over 12 years so i think i deserve the theme

  • Geraldine Lopez

    I Love this theme so much please give a copy! Volcom is the best clothing of world i’m venezuela surf girl n i love ur clothing n specially my lider Ozzie wrigth n he’s part of ur teams

  • tafan russuardi

    i very like themes about skating or popular band like metalicca, nirvana and the other.
    in my country (indonesia) volcom is one of the most great clothing ever,volcom is so cool !
    please let me have it,i really dreaming about that .

  • S.Mohsin

    woow very kool theme how can i get this for my 8900???

  • Susan

    Volcom theme is available in the BlackBerry App World.

  • leo

    I like themes that have to do with extreme sports like skating.. Or like 3D themes that would be cool.. And I haven’t found anywhere..

  • http://Giveaway:VolcomStoneThemeWithScreenLinks,YouthAgainstEstablishment| hans

    Hello can you gave me the link for download the volcom stone theme ?..plis send the link to my E-mail

  • sweeezz

    OMG!!! im really love this theme so much
    culd ya gimme the link to download plzzz!!!

    thnx q so muchhh

  • diego

    Please send me the link I am a volcom super fan and I really neeeeeed this theme….

  • maia

    Please send me theme link volcom,, but i like that..

  • jai dunne

    I buy volcom clothes wallets and belts all the time because I skateboard a lot and also snowboard and its all good style of gear please send themes

  • veronica

    Hey, I’m the all type sports theme girl, I’ve serching for a volcom theme for a long time and this one is perfect, I would also like to see if you could make a roxy one too, but kinda boyish just like this one. Luv it

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