Giveaway: Play Premium Theme By Built By Request, Oh PS3’ers…Come Out And Play

May 20, 2010 | By | 24 Comments

Built By Request was kind enough to give us some free copies of Play, so we are going to share. Play is a premium theme that mimics the PS3 and gives you access to most of your apps right from the homescreen. So what’s the catch?

Here’s the catch, we have 20 free copies of Play for you. All we want you to do is leave a comment on one of two things. One, what you like about the theme or two,  you look for in a theme that this one has. And of course share some love with Built By Request and BlackBerry Sync.

Good look and let the comments begin!

***The contest has been officially closed, winners will be emailed shortly with your codes. Thanks for participating and get ready to Play!***

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  • Louis

    I really like the fact that I can get to all my apps from the home screen and not have to get into the menu. I also like how the screen is neat and sleek.

    Thanks to Built By Request and BlackBerry Sync for sharing this with everyone!

  • Lynn

    I’m a sucker for having my weather app appear separately on my home page – I have been known to pick a theme for that reason alone. I also like that I can customize my favorite apps for the home screen, while still keeping the “hidden” column apps as set by the developer. Very cool.

    Thanks to Built By Request for a great theme. And thanks (again) to BlackBerry Sync for giving us the coolest giveaways!

  • Rondo

    I love sleek but simple themes. This one is just that. I’m glad there is a weather dock as well. All I really look for is a simple theme, which is very practical and functional, yet visually pleasing.

    Hope I win this theme, it looks like a great one.

  • kata

    I was holding my breath hoping you guys would give this one away. I absolutely LOVE this theme. The ps3 feel is awesome. I love the drop down icons. I love the black. I love my ps3. *takes a breath* and I love this play theme. This theme instantly had me starting to drool when I seen the post about it. I hope I get considered. Things I look for in themes is appea, colors, and icons. I like that the icons are normal looking on here so that it will blend well with other stuff that doesn’t get changed. Like my crappy “third party” gmail app. Thanks as always bbsync and also built by request!

  • abhinav

    What I like in a theme is :
    It shd b simple with a neat clean home screen having atleast 6 customisable icons & a decent size clock

  • Jim

    This is one HOT theme. I personally own a PS3 and the home screen menu is replicated SO well! The deal closer on this theme is how small of a foot print this has. Only 520kb!! Most other themes for OS5.0 are at least 1mb.

  • John

    This has two things I like in various themes. First, having a docked spot for weather is always a plus to be able to see on the home screen. Second, depending on my mood, I like being able to access many applications from my home screen. I do like themes that are minimal too at times, but sometimes I like being able to have everything I want to jump to organized right on my home screen.

  • Josh D.

    Wow! BBSync comes thru again. I was thinking about searching for a PS3 theme yesterday and Boom there it is! I love the look of the theme and the fact that I can access my apps from the home screen. Thank you so much built by request and BBSync. Hope I win a copy.

  • Ali Ramadan

    one thing i love inline with my blackberry is my ps3, now both can look the same.

    thanx and play beyond :)

  • Kenneth

    New to the BB and like how I can customize my home screen with the apps/links I want. I like themes that allow me to quickly access the most common things I want with as few swipes/clicks as possible.

    Thanks to Built By Request and BlackBerry Sync for sharing this with everyone!

  • Maia

    I don’t think I have seen a theme with an app dock in the center of the theme, and I think that’s pretty cool :) I’m definitely into themes that have clean & sleek look.

    Thanks Built By Request and Blackberry sync for this exciting contest :)!

  • Dervy

    Yes – a simple looking theme with hidden depths. What’s not to like? ;)

    Thanks to another of BBR’s themes, I now use BeWeather, so the weather icon is nifty.

    A middle dock looks very interesting as I imagine with some setting up, one would never need to use the application page too!

  • e

    this theme seems to be better than the crossbar 2.0 by bplay so i hope i get this theme

  • Lavelle

    I love my themes to be simple yet eye catching. The PS look really caught my attention n I’ve always been a sucker for blk/grey color schemes as well..thanks BB Sync

  • DavidB

    I really like how this emulates the feel and the interface paradigm of my PS3 (and PSP, and BDP).

  • Summer

    Would have to say the theme design on the home screen and the spot where the weather icon goes is a at right at home kind of feel that draws me to it.

  • Ziad

    Would love to have a neat theme with 6 customized icons and a clear shown clock!! And the silver and black looks smooth n gr8 on my black bold 9700 as well as i am a PS3/BBM addict lol :)

    Thanks alot to Built by Request and BBS :)

  • Michae lBelland

    This is the best theme yet I like the way ps3 is set up hit 1 icon and shows the different icons under it freakin awesome.

  • Scuebydue

    I like themes that are simple but pack a punch. So hidden icons/docks always work best due to the functionality. Would love to win this. Thanks bbs and bbr

  • Nathan

    Hello everyone, I really like all the themes that come from built by request and BB sync. I’m also a big fan of the sony PS3, also like having my weatherbug app on my home screen, I also like custom themes, its a way to customize your bb

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  • praca architektura

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