Giveaway: BlackBerry Sync Belated Birthday Giveaway From KartaMobile

May 7, 2010 | By | 9 Comments

KartaMobile has a great application that we have reviewed for you in the past. Viira for BlackBerry is the GTD software to keep you ultimately organized. For our birthday they have five copies to giveaway. The software is based on the popular Getting Things Done by the David Allen Company. The catch? Keep reading…

The features of Viira?

  • Projects and Contexts
  • Next Actions
  • Email Tasks
  • Day View
  • Priorities
  • Delegate
  • Shortcuts
  • Recurring Events
  • Day Tasks
  • Appointments
  • Overdue Tasks
  • Seamless Calendar Integration
  • Multi-Calendar Support
  • Works on All BlackBerry smartphones
  • Ability to back it up when moving devices or wiping your device

It allows you to keep on top of your inbox, record ideas wherever you are so you don’t lose your train of thought, plan your day (record your upcoming events, appts, and keep reminders), tag and file, classify and put your priorities first. All for the price of $29.99!

You can read more about Viira from their website here

So here’s the catch, we want you to list what feature in Viira v2.1 would you find most useful in your day-to-day life? What feature would benefit you to keep on task?

Leave a comment, the top five win a copy….let the comments begin!

We’ve officially closed the contest and will be announcing the winners shortly.

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  • Jeni4fer

    Wow, with Viira you can do EVERYTHING all the little apps do. I love the appointments and Calendar syncing. Perfect for a busy mom with a fam of six and running a business.

  • Jared

    Would love this app because of the integration of the calendar in my email. Since I spend so much time on my BlackBerry, this would keep me up to date and make sure I get all of my stuff done during the day.

  • mikel

    Seamlesss calendar integration is the selling point for me. I’ve tried others, but I can never visualize what I have to do since I have to juggle all these other devices.

  • Kyle

    I’m not sure if anyone else here is in the military, but I can tell you that being in the Armed Forces isn’t the same as any other regular job I’ve ever had. Priorities can be the biggest things separating the leaders and the followers. I could lie and show my military prowess by saying that I never forget a thing, but that’s not true. Considering I don’t always prioritize and put everything down in a logical sequence of what I should do by importance, the small or seemingly menial tasks get forgotten. It’s bad, but that’s where Viira steps in! Considering I’m always being productive and I never know where I am, this application will help me get things done, wherever I am!

  • kata

    Good luck guys, looks like a good app for people who have a lot on their daily plate. So to speak.

  • Melanie

    Appointments and Day Tasks would be the two most important to me being that I’m a full time wife, mom, and college student. I need to know what’s going on/scheduled daily.

  • Moish

    It would defiantly help me in my work the “email tasks” option

  • John

    The most useful for me is a combo. And this is because of how it would help me. The combination of Day View / Day Tasks / Overdue Tasks would help me most of all. I am the type of person that if I don’t do something right away when I find out it needs done, it will slip out of my brain and not return for quite some time. And that time usually seems to be a day or two after when it should have likely been done. So being able to track and see what needs done (and what I’m behind on) with all the integration points this seems to have would help me to better get tasks done. Well, so long as I can put them into the Blackberry right away. But it’s always with me, so that’s not usually an issue. ;-)

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