Giveaway: BlackBerry Sync Belated Birthday Giveaway From Cocky Culture

May 7, 2010 | By | 15 Comments

We have yet another giveaway, and we’re really are excited to be able to have so many giveaways. Tony from Cocky Culture gave us fifty copies of BerryLeather Executive, one of his many wonderful premium themes. This theme is crisp, clean, and professional. Cocky Culture has beautiful modern and vintage themes that are unique. So what’s the catch?

Just leave us a comment sharing some love with us and Cocky Culture, and maybe telling us how you found BlackBerry Sync. Was it a friend? A Google search? We’re curious how our readers find us.

If you like this theme, you should see all of Cocky Culture’s themes. You can find them in the BlackBerry Sync Store.

Check out out Cocky Culture themes here

Let the comments begin!

***I am officially closing the contest, notifying the winners, and will be posting the winners soon!***

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  • Nfldberryguy

    I found you guys by googling something I was trying to get an answer for & there you were with the answer I needed. Kept coming back. Great contest – would really like to win this theme!!!

  • Josh D

    I met you guys thru a great friend who always has had #1 info when it comes to BlackBerry stuff. Thanks BBSync and Cocky Culture

  • Eddie

    Happy Birthday and thank you to BlackberrySync and Cocky Culture for the opportunity to win!

    I found you blog through a search engine – unfortunately I don’t remeber which one I use several.

    Hopefully I win a copy!

  • Kyle

    Not only is this birthday happy for you, it seems to be happy for all your readers too! Reading your great articles keeps me excited about my BlackBerry everyday and always looking for more great ways to expand it’s involvement in my life.

    In terms of how I found out about you, well, it’s an odd one, no word of a lie. I was about 18 years old, still living at home. I go out in the forest hiking for the day and I get myself all covered in poison ivy. It was all up my legs, arms, and everything. The only place I don’t have it is… well, one manly area. I decide considering I’m too uncomfortable to go out looking like a giant rash, I’d visit some of my favourite websites. Well, I’m sitting in my room, all by myself, browsing these websites, thinking my mom won’t come in. Considering my “manly area” is the only area unaffected, I decide I may as well enjoy my time at home. In the midst of being lost in myself, my mom walks in my room! What do I do? I first snap to the computer to minimize the window. As I do that, behind it, there was a google search I was doing for some blackberry info. Well, after minimizing the first window I accidentally click on a link and landed here. My mom being shocked at what I’m doing but not having seen the former website yells “oh my god” and I tell her that I also go poison ivy down there because I was peeing and it spread from my hand onward. I tell her that I need to apply the cream to it to prevent the itching as well. Somehow, she was naive enough that she believed it and my benefit was no embarassment and a new website to browse that isn’t as risque.

    Hopefully my story will get me a different “Cocky” Culture than the one I’m so familiar with.

  • kata

    Oh I really like this. First of all thanks once again bbsync, and also cocky culture for this. I found bbsync actually from another sites app store, I won’t name them as to not promote them on your site. But, I was glad that I did, I enjoy this site and the information given daily. Thanks guys

  • Melanie

    Happy Birthday to you…..I found you guys on Google search engine. I was looking for all things blackberry and I found it.

  • Moish

    I never had a theme from cocky but this one looks very cool, I love leather, I found bbsync from a twitter RT

  • Mackie

    Being a BB Storm owner, I had my share of problems. After finding Crackberry and some experimentation I solve them. Some months ago I found you guys thru Crackberry, and periodically I check you site for updates in the world of BB.
    As far as Cocky Cultures I’ve just heard about them thru this app and the screen shots of this giveaway looks like something that interest me..

  • Lynn

    Happy birthday, again, BlackberrySync. I found you through a search on Google. Now I check every day (except weekends) to keep up on the lastest Blackberry news. Its great when I can be more on top of the news than my Verizon rep is willing to share! Keep up the good work!

  • will

    I found you guys threw crackberry. Mobihand. Thought I give you a download. Ever since I never left your sight. Thanks for the great info!

  • Summer

    Happy Belated to BBSync! I discovered this website through a Great friend whom sold me my very first Blackberry World-Edition, Thank You! This is a FUN always suprising website & I would be happy to try out this new Theme by Cocky Culture, Thanks to TONY too!!

  • cihamlet

    Found out about BlackberrySync and Cocky Culture through the CB Forums. Since then, been a fan of this site, and of Tony’s super-rad themes, he’s the best…I’ve bought like five, haha.

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