BlackBerry Sync Birthday SMobile Giveaway Contest Winners Announced!

May 1, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

SMobile Systems has been the leading provider of mobile security for years, and we were lucky enough to have them join in on our Birthday celebration. I have used it and it has worked flawless, becoming an app that stays on my BlackBerry. I have five copies and five winners, so drum roll please…

The winners who won a YEAR subscription to SMobile are:

  • Grant
  • Kata
  • Josh D
  • Lynn
  • Lisa

Thanks everyone, and don’t forget, there are still specials running for SMobile with special codes for our Birthday. This product features anti-virus, anti-spam, gps tracking, remote wipe, etc.

So a big thanks goes out to everyone who participated and thanks to SMobile Systems for making this possible.

****For our winners, I gave you the link just now and here are the instructions in case you need help. The guide is on the  site in support. ***

The Guide for the Anti-Theft and Identity Protection

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  • kata

    Thanks!!! I hope my luck can continue! I am having some trouble finding the app to download from their site without having to purchase, but I emailed their support about it. If I’m missing something obvious, please someone let me know. Lol. Once again, thank you very much bbsync! (Crosses fingers for tether or ottercase)

  • Josh D

    Totally awesome! Thanks BBSync and Smobile! Loving this B-day bash. I two am confused as far as the downloading goes. If any one has the answer please share. Thanks

  • kata

    I got the answer to my support ticket. Here’s a direct link. Just choose your platform.


  • kata

    Ran it upon installation and found a virus that had been in one of my third party apps. Thanks again bbsync, and thanks Susan!

  • SusanC

    Kata, you’re very welcome. I’m glad SMobile came to the rescue, they’ve been doing this for years and I am so ecstatic with them, you can scan everything and update daily. It’s amazing. I just wish other sites wouldn’t downplay spyware so much, because I believe we’ve only begun to see the cyber attacks on mobiles, but that’s my own opinion. Hope everyone enjoys!