Win 1 of 7 OtterBox Commuter Cases for BlackBerry! (BBSync Birthday Bash)

April 21, 2010 | By

We’re not stopping yet, the BBSync Birthday Bash continues now with one of our favorite BlackBerry cases from OtterBox, the Commuter Series. These cases feature two layers of protection, plus a screen protector. These cases are available for most current BlackBerry smartphones. These cases are normally $34.95 each, but this is your chance to win one for free! All you have to do is a post a comment below and tell us what device you’re using, and how rough you are on your BlackBerry. Hurry and post your comment now, as you only have until Saturday night, before this contest ends.

* This contest is only available to residents in Canada and the United States. We will contact the winners April 30, 2010.

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  • Kathy

    I have a Storm 2. It’s a nice phone, but a slippery one that I keep dropping all the time. With an Otterbox, it’ll give it a better grip and help prevent it from slipping out of my hands.

  • Mars Fan

    I have an 8900 and I work in the medical field, so it gets bumped and handled a lot around a lot of hard surfaces.

  • Ted

    I have the Storm 2 and it’s hard not to worry about it slipping and hitting the ground. I’ve dropped it once already and got lucky. Otterbox makes some good stuff. I kept my 8330 wrapped up in the Defender and it looked brand new when I switched to the Storm 2.

  • Grant

    I have a Blackberry Bold 2 and I work in the IT department. Have to carry my unit a lot for work and personal use. I also commute to work so I want something that will protect my device for drops and scratches. Otterbox is one fine product. Hoping to win one for my baby.

  • John

    I love my Blackberry, but as with all my phones, they eventually succumb to some “stress”. So far it only has a couple of small nicks on the one top corner, but it’s a only a matter of time before it takes another crash. My phone goes everywhere with me, and with my Blackberry, it gets more use than any phone before it. I’ve tried the holster it comes with, but even in and out of it can lead to a slipped grip and a fall. I work a tech job, but love my outdoor activities and sports as well. But being the good geek that I am, the Blackberry comes with me. Be it softball, biking, hiking, fishing or lots and lots of randomness, the Blackberry is there, and it takes its toll on it. This device would help protect my baby, and help it to keep it functioning to its utmost ability for as long as possible, which it needs to have a long life, as my money all goes currently to planning and paying for a wedding, and who knows where after that. The otterbox is the perfect case to save my Blackberry from me and the places I go.

  • Cheryl

    My 8900 currently has a skin/glove on it which then snaps into a holster, but I’m going to be upgrading to a 9700 and it will be totally unprotected – not a good thing for someone with butter fingers like me. An otterbox would be great for 9700.

  • stephanie

    I have a BB 9700. I switch between a silicon cover and the holster. But the silicon cover has stretched and won’t stay on properly. I’ve dropped my BB a few times. Last time I got my barefoot between it and the floor. Saved my BB, bruised my foot. This case will be a ‘foot’ saver!!

  • Matt

    I’m using Blackberry Tour 9630.

    To let you know how rough my blackberry has had it,
    Well there is small tiny crack in screen where I was running in a parking lot and my blackberry dropped out of my hand accidnetly and there minor scratches on the phone.
    having this OtterBox would help keep it safer!