Win 1 of 30 Premium BlackBerry Themes from NinjaThemes

April 22, 2010 | By | 35 Comments

Did you think we’re done? Well we’re just getting started! Today we’ve got 30 premium themes up for grabs with a big thanks to NinjaThemes! These premium themes come in lots of awesome designs and colors, and we think that the first 30 people to comment deserve one. So here’s how this works check out NinjaTheme’s in the BBSync Store, and tell us what your favorite one is. The first 30 people to drop a comment below telling us will receive a coupon for a free theme of their choice. Simple as that.

Happy Birthday BBSync! and don’t forget to check out the other awesome giveaways on the go.

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  • simon allum

    loving the look of the new theme……think my favourite must be the blackout!

  • Peter Kay

    Have to agree, Blackout is absolutely blinding

  • paso971

    I still have my eye on UltiMatte Nano.

  • Nathan

    Blackout is sweet. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey

    I LOVE the new Blackout theme!

  • SupaKal

    The blackout theme is really nice.

  • Miloszz

    Using matte nano, but I’d love to try BLACKOUT! :D

  • Craig Murray

    Looks great!

  • Ted

    I would have to say the best is Blackout. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Anjulee

    Love the blackout theme, really well done.

  • Nicolas Marengo

    Black Out its the best! so stylish and clean!

  • Nelson

    Blackout is nice as hell.

  • Kyle

    It seems I’d have to agree that the blackout takes the cake! If you’ve got a copy for me, I’d be pleased! I love this site. Thanks.

  • Eric

    Let me jump on the bandwagon and say Blackout looks terrific!

  • MrFun

    Never had a premium theme, I would appreciate getting o

  • John Tee

    Whoa! Ninja themes are awesome!! I’m actually using boundless right now but blackout would be great! Happy Bday BlackBerry Sync!

  • Linds

    I like the Heart Chick one. It’ll make my BlackBerry look pretty nice!

  • Jim

    UltiMatte Nano would be nice on my phone. I currently use Quicklaunch and this theme could take advantage of that.

  • Lynn

    Love Ninja Themes – and would love to have a free one!

  • Torry

    Blackout looks sick!!!

  • Kathy

    There’s only ONE Ninja theme for the Storm 2 and that’s BLACKOUT!

  • Andrew

    I’d rock the slyde for my Berry. Thanks Blackberry Sync!

  • Jim R

    Love the new Blackout theme

  • AJ

    Blackout my phone!

  • Margaret

    I love the blackout for my storm 2. Its hot!

  • Anthony

    I really like the blackout theme but all of his themes are great.

  • shopgurl

    …would luv to dress my BB with one of these themes. Thanks!

  • Jared

    This would be sweet for my Storm 2 9550!

  • Edwin V.

    Liking the blackout theme.

  • Steven R

    How about
    DroiDeD – Android for 83xx Custom Bottom Dock

  • Josh D

    had a few Ninja themes before that faulty OS that I lost. They ran so good. I would love the new Blackout theme/white out. LOL. Tour 9630 Happy B-day. (White out inside Tweet joke)

  • velvetelvis

    i like the slyde theme

  • Tommy M

    Blackout rocks

  • kata

    Those look real good. I like blackout

  • Grant

    I think I just missed the cut. Perhaps BBSync will be kind enough to spare a theme to me for free :)
    The blackout looks good.