SmrtGuard Updates To v2.22, And Offers A Special Birthday Offer For Our Readers

April 23, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

SmrtGuard has updated to v2.22 and it’s made major improvements. It now includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam for the BlackBerry. SmrtGuard offers lite versions and pro versions of their applications. I think security is important in light of how fast technology advances. SmrtGuard has given us an offer for you…

I reviewed the last update by SmrtGuard before the addition of the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam here. I really like the capabilities that it offers, now it’s even more comprehensive. The Anti-Virus scans your apps for you to keep you safe from Spyware, and the Anti-Spam is like a blacklist to keep the calls from those you don’t want away. If you are a current subscriber, check for updates, and update now. You’ll be happy you did. If you don’t have SmrtGuard, you might want to wonder why…

Now here’s the contest..I have twenty one month subscriptions of SmrtGuard Pro to giveaway (that’s a $3.99 value per each), and we want you to tell us why you would benefit from SmrtGuard, what feature you would use most or what protection you value most. We’ll pick the top twenty best answers, good luck!

***P.S. Please don’t forget to share the love and thanks with SmrtGuard for their great offer and making this possible***

***This product is also available for Android devices, and we will honor both***

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  • kata

    Well I already have a call blocker, so that wouldn’t be it; but I do believe the anti spam email control would help me exponentially. I have 3 different emails currently on my handheld and the spam gets a little crazy. That feature alone would make me a happy camper.

  • Josh D.

    I am looking for a cost efficient virus Scanner that I can afford right now. Would love to see how well it works. Was excited about lookout till a recent BBSync article gave a great comparison and Lookout failed. Thanks BBSync and Happy B-day. Thanks to you too SmrtGrd.

  • Thairy

    I really love this app because in my country we have a problem! Theres is no really democracy and we are fighting for! They áre trying to get us away our privacy and properties and this app can HELP me to stop the spyware that they surely are using agains us! Thanks!

  • Josh

    I use the free version. Would love to give the premium version a try! Love the idea of the anti virus scans.

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