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We’ve had a few solutions ┬ábecome available to the BlackBerry for texting while driving, but this one integrates with your vehicle like Viper does, with your safety while driving in mind. This software installs on your BlackBerry and has a plug-and-forget Activator that installs in your vehicle without any tools necessary. What does it do? Let’s see..

Key2SafeDriving activates when you start your car. It automatically places your BlackBerry into Safe Driving Mode, disabling the ability to send messages or receive calls and text messages. It has the functions of monitoring, reporting and regulating mobile phone use while driving. Incoming calls go to directly to voicemail and incoming texts are sent an automatic reply letting your contacts know that you’re driving and will respond later (the driver will respond when they have safely reached their destination).

You’ll still be able to utilize the Emergency call functionality which is always enabled so that you can place an emergency call to 911 or other pre-determined phone calls.

Annual statistics show that mobile phone use causes 636,000 car accidents and more than 2,600 deaths. Costs incurred are about an estimated $43 billion according to the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis. Virginia Tech also did a study and estimated that 80% of all automobile accidents are caused by some form of distracted driving. This app allows a parent of a teen to become an administrator and set limits and be notified of any events. A text will go out if an attempt is made to text, message, call, or if an emergency call is placed.

Key2SafeDriving is available to value-added resellers, wireless carriers, and retailers. It is available to consumers for $99.95 with no annual subscription fees and you are able to purchase it directly from SafeDrivingSystems.

I can definitely see where this can offer peace of mind to a parent or even for ourselves if we find ourselves tempted. There are other solutions, but this is different in that it involves the vehicle, and that it has no annual fee, and allows an administrator. So safety is something ensured. Especially with different states passing the law about texting while driving, this is something available for your convenience and safety now. It’s easy with an app on your phone, no annual fees after the purchase, and the no tools needed for the installation of the device that goes in your car. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

You can purchase Key2SafeDriving for $99.95 from SafeDrivingSystems here

For a complete list of compatible phones and more information click here

If you do purchase it, let us know what you think.

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