Phone Halo for BlackBerry Now Available in App World

April 17, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

Last month we brought you a review of a great new product called Phone Halo. This device is designed to work with your BlackBerry to help prevent misplacing or forgetting your keys, purse, smartphone or anything else you may be prone to leave behind when you’re in a hurry. Phone Halo prevents you from losing items by notifying you when items become separated. You can purchase one of the Phone Halo devices on their website, or use an existing Bluetooth device to interact with the application.

Christian, one of the founders of Phone Halo, let me know that they were accepted in to BlackBerry App World today. You can download their free application on your BlackBerry and pair it up with your Bluetooth headset, and never again worry that you have lost an expensive and oftentimes essential accessory. If you are prone to losing or forgetting your valuables, you should definitely consider also purchasing a Phone Halo device.

Phone Halo is compatible with all BlackBerry devices and carriers.

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