Leaked OS: BlackBerry Storm2 9520 OS

April 12, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

For all you Storm2 owners out there, here is the latest leaked OS for the 9520, courtesy of BBLeaks. This is not a DRM version, so it will not work on the 9550. If you decide to install, let us know in the comments any feedback you have!

Something you need to remember: This OS is not an official OS released by RIM or any network. Before installing this OS we strongly recommended you do a full backup of your device, just in case something happens. We take no responsibility for any harm caused to your device or data from installing it. Other than that best of luck.

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  • JSanders

    Because it is a nodrm version is not the reason it will not work on a 9550… the simple fact that it is a 9520 OS is the reason.

    “drm” and “nodrm” OS versions for the 9520 have to do with the slightly different models of 9520 issued in countries where Digital Rights Management for music is enforced.