Google Maps Updates To v4.0.1, Google Mobile App Updates to v3.6.14

April 7, 2010 | By | 4 Comments

Google has updated their Free Google Maps for BlackBerry to v4.0 and with that update has included Search By Voice, Google Buzz, Starring, Labs, and more. With the new changes you can find places faster, share them with Google Buzz, and star them for later reference. Such as…

The Search By Voice is a nice addition as it allows you to do the same thing your friends with Droids do, save your thumbs and search using your voice. It has also included Google Buzz with the Buzz layer so you can share locations, pictures, and more. With the Google update, you can also use puns to search for search suggestions by what you’ve searched for in previous searches, like the Droid, by using your sign in and history. There’s now also a Scale Bar and Terrain layer that will appeal to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

You can read more about the Google Maps update from the Google Mobile Blog here

With the Google Search having an incremental update from v3.6.13 to v3.6.14, I’m not too sure what was updated, but you can be sure there are improvements. I love this feature as it allows Search By Voice, My Location, Google Suggest, Search History, Email Search, and links to other Google applications. If you download it and notice any changes, please let us know. I’ve included the link to download the apps straight from your BlackBerry.

You download the updated Google Maps and Google Mobile App from Google Mobile here

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