25 Copies of Tether for BlackBerry Up for Grabs! (Happy Birthday BBSync)

April 24, 2010 | By

One BlackBerry app I use every day is Tether for BlackBerry, and the folks at Tether hooked us up with 25 copies to giveaway for BBSync’s Birthday. Tether which usually retails for $49.95, allows you to connect your BlackBerry and use its existing data package as a modem for your computer on-the-go. I think that anyone who doesn’t have a copy of Tehter will love it! With that being said we’ve got 25 copies to giveaway… So leave a comment below and we will pick 25 winners (don’t forget your Happy Birthday message in the comment).

* This contest ends Sunday April 25, 2010 at 11PM EST. Winners will be contacted via email (left in comment form) by mid-next week. Limit one entry per person and email address. Anyone who posts duplicate comments will be disqualified.

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  • miloszz

    Awesome giveway! Thank you! :D

  • Alberto Domador

    one for me please thanks

  • fatima

    wow thanks!

  • rivalejo

    happy birthday what a brilliant way to celebrate it!

  • 4DFL4

    Awesome giveaway hope I can get it and Happy Birthday ;)

  • kata

    Wow this is a great one! I’d love to get my hands on this. Please consider me! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • http://twitter.com/paolonoguera Paolo Noguera

    I would love to tether in place that dont get free wifi. Here in Brazil almost everywhere u got to pay for access outside work or home!
    Please bbsync, u will save me amounts! ;) thx a lot!

  • http://theintentionalcommunicator.com Ron Robison

    Happy Birthday & this is an awesome offer!

  • alfredo d

    nice thanks

  • Tim

    I would love a copy!

  • dennis stewart

    Why I think I should win: well I have no internet at home because att or no one else covers my area altho there’s a lot of ppl tht live around here, I only get on internet via my 9700 from att but I’m always on just enough bars to do what I got to do sucks if I used teather I could walk out side and borrow a friends laptop and get on 5 bars to browse the web how it suppose to be but I HOPE I WIN!

  • @xhaloe

    Happy B Day BB Sync

  • http://www.bench.com JeroentjeNetherlands

    What a great contest give aways you are doing,
    You are my standard homescreen-page!

    Thumbs up from Almelo, The Netherlands!

  • Joel

    Man, this would be nice. I travel a whole lot and Tether is on my wishlist. Blackberrysync please make it happen. I would really appreciate it!

  • Melanie

    I wanna win one please

  • Ed Herring

    Mt wife wants it so I’d really like to get it for her.

  • Mike T

    I love my copy.. Would want to win one for my wife!

  • Mike T

    and happy birthday!

  • http://chiragpatel.com Chirag Patel

    OMG…this is awesome.BTW Happy BBSync

  • Jared

    Tether = good. Happy birthday BBSync!

  • wilmer castro

    I wanna win this time, i wuold like to enjoy this app. ‘Cause i thing it’s great. I’m from venezuela… Good luck for everyone

  • Craig

    Happy B-Day BB Sync! Thanks!

  • Francisco

    I was looking for this soft!!! I believe is the best app for blackberry!!!

    Happy B-Day guys, and thanks for bring us all the informations for our BlackBerry….


  • http://NULL Owen

    I love you guys! Happy birthday!!!

  • RLC44

    Happy berfday and thanks.

  • Angie V

    Would love to win. Happy Birthday!

  • Aaron Budnick

    Happy Birthday!

  • Steven R

    Sounds great! Happy Birthday

  • velvetelvis

    hoppy birfday bbsync. thanks for the chance to win an great download.

  • Sam K

    Happy Birthday BBSync! Good luck everybody.

  • Chris

    Happy B-Day BB Sync

  • dayne

    This is an awesome app. Should be a must have for a Blackberry. Would looooove to get a free copy. Thanks.

  • NickD

    Happy birthday! I just had my 25th b-day on the 22nd. That’s right, on Earth Day =D You guys rock!

  • Edwin V.

    Happy Birthday BBSync!!! Cool app and cool contest.

  • Kyle

    Awesome :) Happy birthdayyyy

  • dave

    Happy Birthday & many more! Most excellent app!!!

  • Bryan

    I woùld like to win ône too gréat product

  • http://bigdogbo.wordpress.com Bo Jackson

    Happy birthday BlackBerry sync and I would love to grab a copy of Tether! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Marta

    great contest, happy bday!

  • Julio

    Happy Birthday! Always wanted this, just never got around to buying it and just missed their half off sale they had a while back…fingers crossed! Thanks

  • http://www.berrymotion.net BMNAndyR

    Happy Birthday BBsync form Germany, it`s a great Contest and i hope to win :)

  • http://www.chemistar.com Luann Lee

    I heart my Blackberry! Please give me one more reason to love it!

  • Rich

    Happy B-Day BBSync!!! Been a good run so far, and better is to come! Throw me in that hat of names for Tether as well, good luck to everyone!

  • Yogurt

    Sweet deal…great way to celebrate a birthday.

  • Josh

    Happy Birthday! Would love a copy of Tether!

  • Chris

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Been an avid follower! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Randy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!! We do the same thing at Birthdays around here. To give feels better than to receive. (but it sure would be great to receive this!) I have been wanting to get this for a while!!! This sure would come in handy in my line of work.

  • MaxPower

    Hãppy Bdæ and thanks for all the info! Now let’s put our party boots on and…

  • MaxPower

    Woo Hoo Happ Bdæ and thanks for all the info! Now put your party boots on and get out there.

  • Dwyne

    Very … Very … Very … Nice!!! This is a great product. i would really use it if i had it. Thanks so much.