Giveaway: 100 Unlock Codes for BlackBerry from CellUnlock!

April 28, 2010 | By

The Birthday Giveaways aren’t done yet, we’ve just been really busy with all the news from WES 2010. The awesome folks at CellUnlock wanted to share a Happy Birthday with BBSync, and they’ve offered up 100 BlackBerry Unlock Codes for any BlackBerry locked to networks in Canada or United States! So the first 100 people to leave a comment below will receive a free unlock code.

All you have to do is: Tell us what network your BlackBerry is locked to and what model you have (for example: Bell/Storm 9530) and leave us a quick happy birthday note below it. Simply as that.

We’ve got some more great giveaways coming up later this week! Stay tuned.

Rules: This contest is ONLY available to residents of Canada and the United States (sorry!) and will be offered to the first 100 unique people who comment. This is limited to ONE entry per person and email address. Anyone who posts double comments will not receive an unlock code.

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  • Jordan

    Glad yall were born today!
    Verizon Tour 9630

  • Kerry Garmoe

    Happy BDay

    VZW/Tour 9630

  • Laura G

    Vzw Storm 9530

  • Lisa C.

    Thanks BBSync and Happy B-day. U guys rock. Love 1 for a Verizon/Tour 9630

  • charley2397

    Tmobile 9700 Happy B-Day 2 you!!!!!!!! And many more :)

  • Jeff s

    Bold 9700 AT&T

  • nolan

    Tmobile Curve 8900
    Happy Birthday!

  • Mar

    :) Happy B Day, thank you for allways hookn us up great web page u have.

  • Matt

    T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8320.

    Happy Birthday!

  • lawrence K

    sprint 9630

  • Jessica

    Happy Birthday!

    Verizon/Storm 9550

  • satish kumar

    Happy B Day, thank you for allways hookn us up great web page u have.

  • avid

    great send me black berry bold

  • Mule

    Hee haw send my free code please curve 8520.

  • Eddie H

    Happy Birthday to the best site ever!!!


  • Andrey

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are the best!!!


  • maria

    at&t/blackberry 8300

  • Matt

    Birthday wishes from my Bell Mobility 9700

  • Kiwiboy

    Happy birthday to you!
    Bell in Canada with a Blackberry 9700

  • Pearl

    Birthday greeting to you.
    Blackberry Tour 9630 on Bell

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday BlackberryOS!

    Blackberry Storm 2 on Telus

  • Needzanwfone

    Blackberry Pearl 8110

  • RY


    Blackberry Pearl AT&T 8110 needed in canada

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday BB Sync! Keep up the great work!

    Telus, Blackberry Storm 2

  • Craig

    I thought I was first in on this give away but my post is gone so I will try again. Storm 9550, Verizon. Happy birthday BB Sync.

  • shopgurl

    Happy Birthday… Verizon Storm2 9550

  • http://sprint Christine Mosso

    Sprint/curve/8330. I love my blackberry would like to change companys but don’t want to get a new phone untill the SLIDER comes out

  • Osvaldo Marchese

    Happy Birthday!

    Bell – Blackberry Tour 9630

  • Nicole

    Happy birthday! Verizon 8330 (curve).

  • Tom V

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    ATT – Bold 9000

  • OMEI H.


  • Chris

    Thanks! … will post about this offer on

  • Trev

    Telus / BlackBerry 9530

    Happy Late Bday!! :)

  • 92LX

    BB 8530

  • http://bb AJ

    Happy Bday…..And hope you guys have plenty more


  • rb111

    Happy Late Bday :)

    Telus Blackberry Storm 9530

  • Tarun

    Need one too :) Bold 9000.
    Happy B’day Though

  • Meg

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verizon Tour 9630

  • Bea

    Happy happy birthday!! :)


  • Kyle Wild

    Alltel Tour 9630. Happy B-Day BBSync

  • Sam K

    Happy Birthday BlackBerrySync! T-Mobile USA Blackberry Bold 9700.

  • Will

    T-mobile Curve 8900

  • shopgurl

    Would love to win!!!

  • shopgurl

    Oops forgot to mention Storm2 with Verizon

  • Chris

    BTW Bold2 9700 on ATT…. ot so excited to share this with my members I forgot to post my BB ;)
    Again.. Happy birthday!!!

  • Austin

    Happy Birthday! Curve 8330 locked to the Bell network.

  • Sandy

    hApPy BiRtHdAy! Curve 8330 locked to Virgin Mobile Canada.

  • Keith

    Happy Bday verizon tour 9630

  • Moshe

    can i get one