Giveaway: 100 Unlock Codes for BlackBerry from CellUnlock!

April 28, 2010 | By

The Birthday Giveaways aren’t done yet, we’ve just been really busy with all the news from WES 2010. The awesome folks at CellUnlock wanted to share a Happy Birthday with BBSync, and they’ve offered up 100 BlackBerry Unlock Codes for any BlackBerry locked to networks in Canada or United States! So the first 100 people to leave a comment below will receive a free unlock code.

All you have to do is: Tell us what network your BlackBerry is locked to and what model you have (for example: Bell/Storm 9530) and leave us a quick happy birthday note below it. Simply as that.

We’ve got some more great giveaways coming up later this week! Stay tuned.

Rules: This contest is ONLY available to residents of Canada and the United States (sorry!) and will be offered to the first 100 unique people who comment. This is limited to ONE entry per person and email address. Anyone who posts double comments will not receive an unlock code.

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  • Craig

    Verizon Storm 9550. Happy birthday BB Sync!

  • dark_star

    telus / 9630 / Happy birthday BBSync! your site is great!!

  • MrFun

    NICE Sprint TOUR 9630

  • Vhop

    T-Mobile Pearl 8100. Happy Birthday BBSync!

  • chris cook

    Telus/Storm 9530

  • chris

    Would love a code thanks

  • Paul Medynski

    Nice! Hook me up with some unlock action :)

  • Paul Medynski

    And now that I’ve read the entire post…

    Rogers/Curve 8900

    Happy Birthday BBSync!

  • Jonathan

    I could use one!

  • Jon

    Happy birthday!
    Rogers-Bold 9700

  • Samuel Runnels


    Happy Birthday!

  • Steve Corpus

    I would love to receive a unlock code for Verizon Blackberry storm 2, 9550. Thanks cellunlock, u rock ill use you from now on!

  • Kyle

    Wow! That’s the best birthday gift ever, one that your avid fans (like myself) can enjoy with you! I love joining the party.

    I have a Telus Bold 9700.


  • Baron

    Happy Birthday to BBSync and presents for everyone!


  • Albert

    Happy birthday BBSync!

    Woot I have an AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700

  • Mike

    Rogers/ 8220
    Happy Birthday!

  • Will

    Sprint blackberry 9630 tour. Your website is very organized and informative. Keep up the good work. Happy Birthday

  • Maryzolee

    Happy birthday ! !

  • Ken

    Happy Birthday! Keep growing and sharing! BB9700 att

  • obsessive_compulsive

    Hi, mine’s a Telus – 9700.

  • obsessive_compulsive

    Sorry, forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!

    Telus – 9700

  • Terry_Q

    Happy Birthday.. I am on Telus with a bold 9700

  • Caroline

    happy birthday – telus – bold 9700

  • Segun

    Happy Birthday Blackberry Sync!

    Wish you many more! Keep up the wonderfull effort in getting the mobile news to us first. My phone is BB Storm 9530 from Telus.

    Thank you!

  • stephanie

    Happy birthday! Cool site. Telus 9700.

  • Josh D

    Sweet! Happy B-day BBSync. I LOVE U GUYS! Verizon/Tour 9630

  • JC

    Happy Birthday!! Verizon Tour 9630

  • kata

    Bold9700 on at&t. Continue to have a Happy birthday!

  • FreddyMartinez

    Happy Birthday BB sync.

  • Clinton Stibbe

    Happy birthday !

    Bell Bold9700

  • paul

    Happy Birthday BB sync. Wishing you many more.
    Fido , 9700

  • Nicole Stibbe

    Bell Bold 9700

    Happy Birthday:)

  • straton

    Happy birthday BB Sync!
    Curve 8520

  • DanD

    Happy Birthday !

  • Mikel Calderon

    Blackberry Bold 9000 ATT

    Congratulations on your anniversary of conception…

  • reldon

    Happy birthday!! 1st gen BB storm

  • Naru

    Happy Birthday

  • Joe M.

    I WOULD LOVE TO WIN A CODE FOR MY Curve 8330 (Verizon)!!! Happy Birthday BBSync!!!

  • Grant

    Happy Birthday BBSync :) More power!


    Please let me win this time. :)

  • Joe

    Happy Birthday! 9530 – VERIZON

  • MikeB

    Happy B-day

  • Charles W. Cerasari,Sr.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sprint Blackberry Curve 8530

  • wbbeinuni

    Very generous!

  • wbbeinuni

    Woops forgot to say I am with Rogers. Happy Birthday.

  • MikeB

    Bold 900 AT&T

  • Adam

    Sprint/Curve 8530
    Happy Birthday

  • Eric J

    AT&T Bold9700 Happy Birthday BB SYnc.

  • bx2md

    vzw tour 9630

    and a vzw storm 2

    either or would be nice lollol

  • Joel L

    Happy, happy Bday Blackberrysync! May you have many more! Tmobile Blackberry 9700

  • Brett

    BB Storm 9530 on Verizon.