BlackBerry Sync Birthday Gift: The Exclusive BlackBerry Sync Theme By MMMOOO!

April 24, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

We have been very fortunate to have two great theme designers offer to make us themes for our Birthday. This one is by MMMOOO, and it’s very nice yet simple. It uses our blackground wallpaper and our colors as well. It’s a great way to show your love for BlackBerry Sync! Let’s take a look…

Both Built By Request and MMMOOO created our first themes, and also it’s their first site theme as well so it’s a special event for all of us.  It installs quickly and easily. Notice that the front screen has the BlackBerry Sync classic name, then our motto: BlackBerry News You Can Sync With … and On the top red design in the right you see the battery indicator, the time, date, and signal strength. Below tht sits the alarm and the GPS. And then the sound/profile icon. The bottom row customizable with six icons. The icons are all the classic icons which makes it easy to distinguish what they are. The row of icons are dark red over the red pattern, and grey background over the white, and when you scroll over the icon it turns red.

If you click the menu button you see the top bar is bright red. The battery indicator, alarm, and GPS are in the top left, time and date in the center, and signal strength to the right. Icons are white with a grey background but turn bright red when scrolled over. Clicking on messages, options, etc, you can see the white background followed by the scrolling making the message or option turn brick red. The menu turns a light grey/pink and red text, but when you scroll over, it’s the brick red color and the text turns white.

The calling screen is a red that fades as it goes down, The theme is nice, simple, light on the battery and memory. It’s great for the person who likes a wonderful theme that’s simple and colorful. It’s a perfect mascot to the site, and shows our simply stated side. Try the theme out and show your BlackBerry Sync Pride! And don’t forget to thank MMMOOO as well for this great masterpiece of art. I love the link to MMMOOO’s themes and one for BlackBerrySync as well.

The pros are that the theme is available for most BlackBerry devices, and it’s so colorful and easy on the eyes. This theme is definitely a great theme you’ll want to keep just because it’s so nice and simple. Great for everyday use and easy to navigate. Thanks so much MMMOOO! Please remember to share thanks and love with MMMOOO.

I’ll post the links to the ota files.

Pearl 81xx 4.5 OTA

Pearl 82xx 4.6 OTA

Curve 83xx 4.5 OTA

Curve 8330 4.5 OTA

Curve 8330 5.0 OTA

Curve 8350 4.61 OTA

BlackBerry 8500 5.0 OTA

BlackBerry 8500 4.61 OTA

Curve 8900 4.61 OTA

Curve 8900 5.0 OTA

Bold 9000 4.6 OTA

Bold 9000 5.0 OTA

BlackBerry 9500 4.7 OTA

BlackBerry 9500 5.0 OTA

Tour 9600 4.71 OTA

Tour 9600 5.0 OTA

Bold 9700 5.0 OTA

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  • Edwin V.

    I’m going to try this theme to. Thanks MMMOOO for hooking up BBSync with this theme.

  • rezn

    This theme is nice. I love MMMOOO too. I can’t think of a better developer to let handle the site theme. Look’s great on as well.

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