BlackBerry Sync Birthday Gift: The Exclusive BBSYNC Theme By Built By Request

April 23, 2010 | By | 11 Comments

We were fortunate enough and proud to have not one, but two themes made for BlackBerry Sync. Built By Request designed this one, which emulates our site. What better way to show your love for BlackBerry Sync than to sport it on your BlackBerry. So let’s take a closer look at the details…

We’re proud to announce The BlackBerry Sync Theme which includes the following:

  • “Flick” Dock with 6 User selectable Slots
  • User Selectable 7th Icon Slot Optimized for the Weather Application  (Also Appears on Lock Screen)
  • 2 Today Slots (Half Size) for Messages and Phone Log
  • 8 Banner Shortcuts for:  Browser, Manage Connections, Calendar, Compose, Password Keeper, Options, Contacts, and Search
  • QuickLaunch Application (Not Included in Theme) Shortcut launches by pressing the “Space” Bar (If Application is installed)
  • Lock Screen Optimized to Show only the Battery Meter, Alarm Indicator and Time from the banner (Still shows owner, information and lock icon)

The front screen shows on the top from left to right: Battery life, alarm, time, alerts, coverage, bars of service. The red bar below that from left to right: Home (Browser), Launcher (Connections), Reviews (Calendar), Send Tips (Contacts), Store, About (Options), Contact (Contacts), and the magnifying glass which brings up Search. Below that sits our BlackBerry Sync banner and the date. Next is a grey icon that if you scroll through it will highlight all of your apps you have in the next screen, first row. The icon below it will show the app first in the second row. It’s open for a weather app so that you can display your weather if you like.

The next screen with all your folders and apps sits in front of the BlackBerry Sync wallpaper. The Options and messages show a grey screen with red highlight and red letters that turn white when highlighted. Very effective use of our colors.

***Built By Request spent hours working on our theme, and we really appreciate it. It’s nice, and quite eccentric. Especially the first icon on the front screen that allows you to scroll through the first row of icons.  And the second icon was set aside for weather. The top row is set aside for the apps that aren’t used as commonly, but used quite a bit. The theme is colorful and has integrates and embodies our site and especially the front page. It’s nearly like a mini sync. We liked it so much we have twittered pics off and on with Twitter, trying to contain ourselves from the urge of setting it out. And we couldn’t wait to share the love with you***

It’s really smooth in how it looks, the front screen looks like our site, and a wallpaper of BlackBerry Sync is in the background of the other screens. It’s a premium theme and all for the special price of FREE. If you like themes, you will really like this one. It looks good and it has some features that are unique, and very User Interactive.

The theme is both professional and fun, and we’re really honored that we have such great theme designers create such wonderful masterpieces for us. Thank you Built By Request for the great theme.

***Please give your thanks and love to Built By Request for their awesome theme, and don’t forget to check their site out for other themes as well. There’s a theme for everyone and then some. I especially love “It’s A Baby”. ***

Grab your BBSYNC Exclusive Theme from Built By Request for FREE here

The theme is compatible with the following OS: 4.7 (9630 only) and 5.0

Compatible with devices:85xx, 89xx, 9000, 9630, 9700.

[Rating: 5/5]

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  • Josh D

    Thanks BBSync I’ve been waiting for this one.

  • Edwin V.

    Downloading it rite now. Thanks BBSync.

  • Scott

    Don’t forget to thank Built by Request for spreading the BBSync Love.

  • Josh D

    Oh yea, Thanks Built by Request for showing us BBSync fans some love. Awesome theme

  • AlucardFair

    Thank You everyone who Loves it! Especially Scott and Susan, was happy to Build this “Mini Sync” Theme for your Birthday Celebration.

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