BlackBerry 6 (OS 6.0) Teaser Video! Check it out!

April 27, 2010 | By | 2 Comments


Check out the video above… It’s of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 6 operating system, which is expected to release Q3, 2010. So far it looks awesome! More to come of course.. Post your thoughts below.

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  • kata

    Looks pretty good. I hope there’s a lot more too it though. I really think they need to focus on third party apps. The new app store version coming out with the carrier charges is a good start, but they need to work harder on it, and give people a reason to make apps for bb again. I think that’s a huge gap between bb and the droid/iphone. They’re app markets are insane comepared to ours.

  • chris cook

    does anyone have a beta copy of this?