Birthday Offer From Net Nanny For Our Readers, Stay Tuned For More!

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We brought you the review of SMobile System’s Parental Control, and we announced the news when they partnered with Net Nanny to create a powerful solution for your child’s safety and piece of mind. Net Nanny has generously given a discount for our readers through the end of May. Check it out…

SMobile’s software had me surprised. I couldn’t believe how well you can monitor your child on their phone. See their texts, their pictures they’re sharing, who they’re talking to, who they are, emails, social networks, know your kids. With the dangers of sexual predators and sexting, it’s a scary world out there. You can also wipe your child’s phone should it get lost, track it, so much available. And another great feature, Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware. Be assured that spyware won’t be a worry as well.

The partnership has created this incredible guardian for your child’s safety called Net Nanny Mobile. Features include:

  • Monitoring
  • View the content of Email, SMS and MMS messages on the phone.
  • View all pictures taken, sent and received by the device.
  • View logs of all voice conversations.
  • View the complete address book and all applications installed on the phone.
  • View phone location 24/7.
  • Security
  • GPS tracking using Google Maps.
  • Remote device backup, lock, wipe and restore.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware scanning.
  • Communication Control features for filtering of calls and text messages.

Net Nanny Mobile is an annual subscription of 29.99 a year, but there’s more. Now here’s the offer. Content Watch/Net Nanny are giving our readers 25% off the subscription of Net Nanny from now through the end of May. Just be sure to use the following code: BBSYNC

Take advantage of the Net Nanny Mobile at 25% off from the Net Nanny site here

Stay tuned for a giveaway contest! Hint….be ready to Twitter!

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  • Josh D

    Amazing app! Just gotta say one thing though, Glad this wasn’t around when I was growing up. LOL. Truly a must have to keep our kids safe in the mobile world.