Birthday Giveaway Contest By SMobile Security And Special Offers For Our Readers

April 23, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

Since we’re talking Security, I thought I’d let you in on another giveaway. This one is from SMobile Systems, the leading mobile security provider. SMobile has been a mobile security company for quite a while and were the first for BlackBerry to have a security application that included Anti-Virus. Their application is reliable and stealth. For our Birthday Celebration they have given us copies for a contest and great offers…

In case you’re wondering what SMobile is, or the SMobile Security Shield is, you can read more at this link here. Here’s the description from their website about the product that is the focus of the month:

Spyware exists today that is capable of logging every key typed on a mobile device, intercepting e-mail, text and voice communications and stealing personal data from your cell phone. More than ever before, users are downloading applications and music files, sharing memory cards and utilizing mobile devices for online banking and purchasing. Without adequate security protection, these practices create a ripe environment for Identity Theft.
SMobile is the world leader at providing AntiSpyware and AntiVirus protection to mobile devices. The SMobile AntiTheft and Identity Protection software runs in the background to immediately detect and remove malicious files and programs as they attempt to enter a device. On a routine basis, the solution will automatically receive updates from SMobile security servers and scan the entire device and memory cards to ensure the highest possible level of protection.
Advanced Protection for Lost or Stolen Devices
Without question, the number of lost and stolen mobile devices is staggering. The ultra-portable nature of smartphones enables users to essentially carry their Personal Computer in their pocket to sporting events, grocery stores, airports, restaurants, etc., significantly increasing the chance of loss and theft.
The unique Anti-Theft capabilities of the SMobile solution enables a user to quickly and easily pinpoint the exact location of a lost or stolen device and have that location displayed in an online map. SMobile customers also have the option to remotely wipe their personal data to ensure that if it falls into the wrong hands, their personal data will not be accessed. As an added bonus, the personal data on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices can be remotely backed-up and easily imported into a new device and these devices can be remotely locked to prevent access. SMobile’s SIM card change feature can also protect these devices against unauthorized SIM card changes. BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices can also utilize the SMobile Alarm feature, which allows the user to audibly locate a misplaced device within hearing distance, even if the speakers and ringer are muted.
NOTE: SMobile Systems cannot guarantee GPS functionality on Verizon BlackBerry Curve and the Storm 1 devices. If you receive GPS Longitude and Latitude coordinates of 0.0 on the SMobile Security Console or Parental Dashboard, this functionality has been blocked by the service provider. For more information or questions please contact Customer Service at 1-866-323-0480
So out of this you have the ability to protect your phone with the unique Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software, and it scans all files and applications. It also gives you access to the dashboard allowing you to backup your phone, track your phone, and wipe and restore. So for the month of April they have given the following offer for our BlackBerry Sync readers. You can purchase the Anti-Theft and Identity Protection from SMobile at the special rate of Buy One Get One Free using the following code: APL141
You can also just purchase one product at twenty percent off for our Birthday with the following code: 3RDBDAY

But now for the Contest, I know you’ve been waiting for this. We have five copies of the Anti-Theft and Identity Protection (one year subscription, valued at $19.99 each) to giveaway for our birthday, compliments of SMobile. Here’s the catch. Since I only have five copies to giveaway, tell us regarding security why it’s important to you. The best out of five win. On your marks…get ready…get set…GO!
*** This product is also available for Android devices as well, so either way you can win***

***Don’t  forget to share the love and thanks with SMobile for the great offer***

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  • Grant

    In our world today, a lot of people are relying on their wireless device to do their daily activities (from checking emails to online banking). However, with our busy lives, sometimes we forget to protect the information that is valuable to us. With the rise of cyber crime, we want to protect our information from intruders. With the help of security tools like SMobile, it protect us from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

  • kata

    Oddly enough I have an associates degree in criminal justice: cyber crime. I know how real it is. I find myself online dodging what I believe to be attempts on my personal information, and it gets rather exhausting. When I was in high school my VB teacher said to me “someday there will be virus’s and spam on cell phones. They’re coming” I laughed, but he should be the one laughing now. I’d enjoy this product to keep my personal info on my phone safe, as well as my work info. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Josh D

    Not much for me to say here because both previous posters I agree with. Personal emails, banking, and apps such as ebay if intercepted can do serious damage. Smart phones are like mini computers, and need protection. So with this said I would love to protect my sensitive data with Smobile security systems. Thanks.

  • Lynn

    Okay, so I’m late to enter the contest – I don’t review this website on the weekends (Sorry). I also agree with Josh D – I use my BB for EVERYTHING. Like most people (personal opintion) I tend to just ignore that I could be putting my personal information at risk, but if I thought about it too much, I would be paralyzed. Not sure I would want to pay a subscription fee without having the opportunity to try it out first. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Lisa C.

    I agree with everyone above, saftey and security are essential to todays mobile world thanks BBSync and Smobile

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