Backing Up Your Third Party Apps On Your BlackBerry

April 1, 2010 | By | 9 Comments

After the latest Tour update that just happened, I know myself and a few others made the same mistake. Updating from a different OS on the net, instead of downloading off the service provider and installing it. In my being hasty for happiness, I lost all my third party apps. So I want to share an article with you.

I couldn’t believe I had done that. Normally when you update on the net it will bring up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and bring all your information and apps across after the update. Not this time…I lost it all. And it wasn’t till I was asked by Josh about apps that it donned on me…some of us have never really thought about how to do it. The easiest way is with the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife. But the way I’m going to share with you is an article by Crucial Xtreme of CrackBerry. This is the best detailed instructions I have found.

Now with this tutorial it’s what you can do prior to a wipe, all I’m posting this for is in case of an OS update, you can back up your apps just to be on the safe side.

The article goes through the steps of using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to begin like you’re going to be doing a transfer, but you’re going to include only the 3rd party apps. Then you copy and save the file, and it also tells you how to find them and reload them back on.

If you’re being hasty and doing your upgrade on the net, please back up your apps first just to be safe. Thanks to Crucial Xtreme, you can be sure you don’t lose them.

[via: CrackBerry]

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  • Josh D.

    OMG! Was that a nightmare or what? Why was this changed by BlackBerry. I didn’t remember having this trouble in earlier versions. Glad people great like yourself are here to help and keep us informed. Thank you.

  • Susan

    It may have been because of a borrowed OS prior to the update, although this happened once to me before. Usually the BDM comes up right after, so I’m just speculating.

  • matt

    Hmmm. Susan did you delete the vendor.xml before loading up DM? I think that has maybe happened once to me but I always make a full backup.

    The “transfering devices) when it finishes but before it requires the new pin number -> searching for a folder (temp dir) titled with your BB Pin

    [This was before bbsak & all those nice tools)

  • Susan


    It wasn’t through the BDM, I did the on the net where you download straight from BlackBerry, but even with everything checked, it didn’t bring up bdm. I didn’t need to remove the vendor file since it was an official OS for the vendor.

  • Donny

    I like how the author of the article linked seems to think “HE’S” the creator of said information like he’s the only one that found this! (in case anyone misreads what I’m saying this is NOT against blackberrysync in any way)

    This information I’m sure is sourced directly from RIM’s public database and was available LONG before June 2008; I personally have done this myself 3yrs before this article – that was linked – was ever posted. Its public information and restating it without that linked author does NOT in any way lead to piracy of information or should ever be frowned upon.

  • Susan


    Could you send me the link to the BlackBerry article you are referring to so that I can add it in and refer to it? I couldn’t find it on the BlackBerry website, and when I try to search a link, it’s been removed, but I’m assuming that you have it and know where to find it since you have made a reference to it. Thank you.

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