Announcing the BlackBerry Superstore Winners!

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Remember when we announced our BlackBerry Sync Superstore upgrade and the Grand Opening contest? I have to admit, it’s a great store featuring everything we have in our store from apps to accessories. The Superstore has finally announced those who won, so Congrats to all of you for downloading the Superstore and congrats to the winners. And the winners are…

As a reminder, the prizes included a 32GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad, 5 Blueant V1 Bluetooth Headsets, one of 25 copies each of BerryBuzz, Druglord Wars, and iBerry.  Each winner will be contacted congratulating them on winning their superstore prize !

So may I have the envelopes please….

Winner of the iPad:

  • DaveChalmers1 (twitter submission)

Winners of the headset:

  • dizzylady1012 (twitter submission)
  • lloydwybrow (twitter submission)
  • parkxx@*******.*** (email submission)
  • mwdavis131@*******.*** (email submission)
  • itstrip@*******.*** (email submission)

Winners of the BerryBuzz:

  • dgbrock@******.*** (email submission)
  • sherwinrichardson@******.*** (email submission)
  • hondaboi2000@******.*** (email submission)
  • maurizio.reggiani@******.*** (email submission)
  • smeekens@******.*** (email submission)
  • maurizio@******.*** (email submission)
  •******.*** (email submission)
  • ydcampbe@******.*** (email submission)
  • michal-cyrzan@******.*** (email submission)
  • pinguwin@******.*** (email submission)
  • mirika@******.*** (email submission)
  • tjeekietjop@******.*** (email submission)
  • marco.made@******.*** (email submission)
  • MCJunkie (twitter submission)
  •******.*** (email submission)
  • nancy.smithgreer@******.*** (email submission)
  • f.cattanei@******.*** (email submission)
  • genin.rosalie@******.*** (email submission)
  • creep4ward (twitter submission)
  • tomdoughman@******.*** (email submission)
  • andy957@******.*** (email submission)
  • bergstedt@******.*** (email submission)
  • Chocov (twitter submission)
  • iBlizz (twitter submission)
  • barrylaud@******.*** (email submission)

Winners of the Druglord Wars:

  • blepmef@******.*** (email submission)
  • mluihn@******.*** (email submission)
  • chris-shaw@******.*** (email submission)
  • alejandrotorre@******.*** (email submission)
  • tankiangiap@******.*** (email submission)
  • justin.barbour@******.*** (email submission)
  • hjpcx007@******.*** (email submission)
  • malicki.krzysiek@******.*** (email submission)
  • vieux-clou@******.*** (email submission)
  • krzychupp@******.*** (email submission)
  • Technicalstress (twitter submission)
  • justjoejohnson (twitter submission)
  • randyshivprasad@******.*** (email submission)
  • black.dragon.slayer17@******.*** (email submission)
  • melenglish@******.*** (email submission)
  • sfound@******.*** (email submission)
  • tim@******.*** (email submission)
  • phillip.mueller@******.*** (email submission)
  • Stkxppro (twitter submission)
  • psijps3@******.*** (email submission)
  • josepierrot@******.*** (email submission)
  • YuyisYoville (twitter submission)
  • kirchain@******.*** (email submission)
  • batboy200@******.*** (email submission)
  • appleman@******.*** (email submission)

And Winners of the iBerry-Theme:

  • kimberly961@******.*** (email submission)
  • fetch1202@******.*** (email submission)
  • Snobbygyrl (twitter submission)
  • elise.hines@******.*** (email submission)
  • karim.sahraoui@******.*** (email submission)
  • dexter@******.*** (email submission)
  • ollie_woods@******.*** (email submission)
  • ronerazo@******.*** (email submission)
  • lkbarto@******.*** (email submission)
  • baileycauthen@******.*** (email submission)
  • kimyoon@******.*** (email submission)
  • davidesandri@******.*** (email submission)
  • praful@******.*** (email submission)
  • patoune0907@******.*** (email submission)
  • TryRick (twitter submission)
  • kmsmith@******.*** (email submission)
  • AWiggins1@******.*** (email submission)
  • stephane.menard@******.*** (email submission)
  • EnLightninged (twitter submission)
  • tamale1@******.*** (email submission)
  • zacoates@******.*** (email submission)
  • TekGek (twitter submission)
  • dozzer@******.*** (email submission)
  • djchbbrck@******.*** (email submission)
  • ricardosl@******.*** (email submission)

We’d give our congrats to the winners and to like to thank everyone who participated and keep on the lookout for our great Deals of the Day. If you haven’t downloaded the newest version of the BlackBerry Sync Superstore, or didn’t know we had a mobile version, don’t worry you can download it still.

Grab your free copy of the BlackBerry Sync Superstore OTA for your BlackBerry here

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