Wine Enthusiast Contest Comes To A Close, Winners Announced!

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The contest has closed and we have our winners. I’d like to thank everyone who participated, you had some really great stories to share. And a special thanks to Ken for the copies that made this contest possible. I laughed and was awwing with some of them, it wasn’t easy for me at all. Our winners have been emailed and now we’ll share their glory with you. And the winners are…

And once again, I would like to say they were all great stories, but I could only have three. So here are the winning stories and I even placed in why they won. Congrats!

Jason Vorheez: “On the first night my current girlfriend and I spent alone at my place, we bought a nice bottle of wine to start the night. It had been years since I used one of those corkscrews with the push down legs on it, and i couldn’t remember how to work it. Long story short, I broke the corkscrew in the bottle of wine, cut my hand on the broken corkscrew, and broke the bottle of wine when i dropped it on the floor. Needless to say, I didn’t look to smooth, lol. :-(”

…..This one stood out because I could see a romantic dinner go awry, that would be my luck. But nonetheless it was about a good bottle of wine. And it was one of those you just said “Awww”.

BluePlate: “Ever heard of Opus One? It’s a super-fancy-schmancy winery in Napa Valley, where a taste of the one wine they produce will run you $25 or so. Well, my friends and I lived near Napa and actually know a bit about wine, and we’d heard great things about Opus One, so we decided to visit.

The winery is gorgeous–it’s all palatial with pillars and tall doorways, and the grass grows right up the sides of the building, forming a lovely smooth slope that meets the roof at the top.

Now, my friends and I are friendly, casual sort of people, perhaps not the sort who look like they’d know anything about wine, but certainly not offensive or cretinous or anything

Well, from the way the Opus One greeter looked at us, you’d think we crawled out from under a rock or something. We got a thin smile and were told that perhaps the popular Mondavi, across the street, would suit us better. (I certainly don’t mean to slam Mondavi, but the greeter sure did!)

We were so shocked that we just turned around and left! As revenge, I gave my friend my BlackBerry and had her film me as I ran up the sloping lawn right to the top of Opus One and came rolling all the way back down. I stood up, dizzy and covered in grass and mud, right as a train of limos pulled in to the parking lot, full of much more suitable guests, I’m sure.

Good times.”

This one won just for the outlined word: BlackBerry. I had to give that extra credit for relating an app to the BlackBerry. After all we are BlackBerry Sync.

Eric: “As a 23-yr old, I haven’t had the time to amass many wine stories, but I’ll go with my first foray into a liquor store. It was a few years back, and my new girlfriend and I were at my out-of-town formal in Chattanooga. Of course we hadn’t planned ahead and had hit the road with cooler completely dry. Before getting ready for the dance itself, we conspicuously walked into the liquor store down the street from our hotel looking for a cheap deal. I had no idea what I was doing because I really didn’t drink — at all — at that point, but my girlfriend picked out the cheapest bottle she could find for us to share. After a few tense moments with the clerk, we walked out and had a grand time at the dance. My birthday came up at midnight, so we popped the cork on the bottle and, lo and behold, she’d picked a white zin for us to share. To this day, that’s one of only 2 bottles of white zin I’ve had, but I’m not ashamed to say that was the night it all started.”

I chose this one because it was somewhat romantic, and it was a cute evening. Wine isn’t always about the price. My best memories growing up have Boones Farm wines and family and friends.

Thanks again everyone, this was fun and it was great to hear all your stories. For those who won, please share with everyone what you think of the app. There’s more contests to come. If you didn’t win a copy, no worries,  you can still download a copy from the BlackBerry Sync App Store.

Grab your copy of The Wine Enthusiast Guide for $9.95 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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