SMobile Systems Announces April Promotion For BlackBerry Sync Readers

March 27, 2010 | By | 2 Comments

SMobile Systems has the only patented Anti-Virus for BlackBerry, and they cover many mobile devices including the Android OS. Kevin, from SMobile, let us know that April’s promotion is Buy One free for Anti-Theft and Identity Protection. This is a great deal considering it comes with SMobile’s Anti-Spyware and their advanced protection for lost or stolen devices. For instance…

If you lose your phone, you can go to a computer, log in to the SMobile Dashboard and use it to track your phone, have it call you to listen in, lock, or even remotely wipe it. You don’t need to worry about the news talking about the spyware that is a threat to mobile devices when you’re using SMobile’s security because it detects it and removes it if you have it, or stops it from installing. And the Anti-Theft and Identity Protection is only $19.99, so getting two for the price of one is perfect for you and your loved one, or you and your best friend. SMobile is smart mobile protection.

To get the Buy One Get One Free offer for April, use the following code: APL141

Grab your copy of SMobile System’s Anti-Theft and Identity Protection for $19.99 here

For those of us who are curious about the threats for mobile devices, you can keep up with the latest and also what devices they were found on here at the SMobile Global Threat Center (Like the CDC for mobile phones).

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