Review: Wine Enthusiast Guide By Landware, The Ultimate Wine Companion

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I couldn’t help but think: “I’ll drink to that.” I can think of a few wine connoisseurs who would absolutely love this app. I love the idea of having the details in hand, but also being able to take them with me without having to take a list. For all you wine lovers out there, check out the Wine Enthusiast Guide…

The Wine Enthusiast Guide v1.00.15 by Landware is available in the BlackBerry Sync App Store for $9.95. The description is as follows:

Instantly transform your Blackberry Smartphone into an indispensible wine companion for pros and novices alike. Imagine having a team of experts with you every time you select a bottle of wine. With a few taps you can access up-to-date details, reviews, ratings and retail prices for over 80,000 wines worldwide.

Now it’s easy to tell if that Pinot on sale is a good deal or if the Cabernet on the menu is the one to choose for the table. With approximately 1,000 qualified reviews seamlessly added each month, you’ll always be assured of having the most up to date wine guide available.

In addition to the reviews database, the program also includes the ability to keep track of wine you own, or want to purchase or have simply been recommend in the “My Lists” section. Wines can be added to more then one list and your list database can be automatically backed up and restored in case you have to move to a new smartphone. Finally, the program also includes an up to date Vintage chart that contains details on 125 regions/wine styles and goes back 17 years. Now, there is no guessing if that restaurant suggestion is indeed worthy of ordering.

Features include:

  • Reviews and ratings for over 80,000 wines
  • All wine listings include retail price
  • Search any combination of wine style, variety, as well as price and rating
  • Vintage Chart with 125 regions/wine styles
  • The “My Lists” section lets you manage your favorites, cellar, recommendations
  • Your lists can be automatically backed up and restored to a new smartphone
  • Approx. 1,000 new wine reviews added each month

I downloaded the app and installed it on my BlackBerry Tour 9630 and it installed easily. The app appears as a wine bottle icon.

Clicking on the app opens the following menu.

Options when you click the Menu button brings up the following.

The options bring up the next options.

Now getting to the wines and the list is extensive. You can look up the wines in the Wine Guide by the winery and the country. The winery is in bold and the county in plain text. If you click on one in it will bring up where the winery is, state, etc. Below that runs the wines that winery produces and the year. Clicking on one will bring up the Vintage, the cost, and the rating. It also shows the description of the wine.

As you can see, finding the ratings and which wines is really easy to find. If you have a favorite or nearby winery, you can find wines you’d like to try.

Next is Search. You can go by Price, Rating, Style, Varietal, Region, and choose Cellular selection, Best Buy and Editor’s Choice.

You choose the wine price less than and it runs quite a ways. Your rating can range, the style ranges from All to Dessert, Port/Sherry, Red, Rose, Sparkling, and White. Varietal is the variety of wine, and the Region is any wine region of your choice. It brings up a list and you can find your wine that way.

Next is My Lists and here you place the Wines you like, The Wines to buy, and the Wines you own.  The next option is the Vintage Chart. This has an option by Country and/or Styles.

In case you’re wondering what types of help files there are, these are included.

About gives you the choices you are looking for.

This gives you some idea of the app and how it was compiled.

This explains the ratings for you.

And some ideas of wines I like, how you organize them.

For the person interested in wines, this is a perfect companion. For the person who knows their wines, a great reference. The app is easy to go through, to use, and all information if you get confused is there for you to understand. Here’s a screen pic of what I really liked.

You can see by the pic it tells you if the wine you’re looking at, what year is good, what year the wine isn’t at it’s peak any longer. It’s perfect for someone who really doesn’t know wine at all.

CONS: So many wines, it’s hard to just look for a red or white, but then again that’s why it’s titled the Wine Enthusiast Guide. It’s not really a con, because the app is exactly what it says.

PROS: A complete reference for wines, telling you the wineries, the vintages, the ratings, how to read the years, you will really be able to hold true to the saying, “I’ll pick no wine before it’s time”. The price is even great seeing how it costs less than a quality cork screw.

So if you’re a person just interested, or someone who is entertaining, someone who is a true wine enthusiast, this app is for all of you.

You can grab your copy of the Wine Enthusiast Guide by Landware for $9.95 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here.

Compatible with OS: 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0 (Non-Touch)

Compatible with BlackBerry Devices:71xx series, 81xx Pearl series, 82xx Flip Pearl series, 83xx Curve series, 85xx Curve series, 87xx series, 88xx World series, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 9100 Pearl, 96xx Tour series, 9700 Bold

[Rating: 5/5]

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  • Reviewer1

    This app is not ready for primetime, certainly not when it costs $10.

    Issues I’ve found so far:

    1. Filtering down wine searches to correspond to certain regions doesn’t work. When I select “Marlborough”, I don’t expect to see Sonoma Coast Pinot Noirs come up.

    2. Reviews are ordered arbitrarily. For instance, when I select a certain wine, the reviews are neither in order of vintage nor in order of ranking. This is just a minor inconvenience/annoyance, but still pretty ridiculous given the cost of this app and the fundamental nature of this issue.

    3. “Search” feature could use improvement. Takes a while to scroll between “wines under $20″ and “wines under $100″, for instance. This is because the resolution of the search is in $1 increments. Does anyone really say “hmm, I want to search for wines under $93; definitely don’t include anything between $93-95?” This resolution should be decreased to make it more user-friendly.

    4. Plenty of network connection lags when choosing certain options, particularly filtering by region.

    This is all I’ve found so far, in less than 15 minutes using it. I’m sure there are more…

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  • Christopher Cribb

    I tried to find this app to download off of the appworld for blackberry but I can only find a spirits related application. Can you please post a link to where this can be found for puchase / download or email me at


  • Susan

    It seems to be MIA. I’ll contact the developer and see what we can do.

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