Review: SmrtGuard v2.15, Smart Security To Guard Your BlackBerry

March 20, 2010 | By | 11 Comments

SmrtGuard updated and we have a review of this app, and letting you know what it is. In today’s world, we keep all of our sensitive information on our phones, losing them puts that information at risk. There are some great security apps out there and today we bring you SmrtGuard.

We have SmrtGuard available in the BlackBerry Sync Store, and it’s available in three different subscriptions. Monthly for $3.99, Semi-Annual for $22.99, and Annual for $44.99. The description from the BlackBerry Sync Store is as follows:

  • Hate the thought of exposing your personal data to stranger when losing your BlackBerry?
  • Would you like to “lowjack” your BlackBerry and see it on a map?
  • Would you like to protect your data by remote wipe all data (include microSD)?
  • Would you like to track your family members and know if they are safe?
  • With SmrGuard, you have the tools to backup and restore personal data over the air, track the location (lowjack) of your BlackBerry, and critically to execute a remote wipe in the event of theft or loss.

The features SmrtGuard includes are:

  • With SmrtGuard, you are able to:
  • Remote OTA Backup (manual or scheduled) PIMs, Call logs, Emails
  • Remote OTA Restore PIMs, Call logs, Emails
  • Remote Data Wipe (including microSD)
  • Remote Tracking (lowjack) and Locating – see it on our companion website that comes with the account
  • Remote Listen – Listen to your thief or be a spy
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Audio Ping (to help you find the device)
  • Personal Guardian (send out distress call with push of a button)
  • SIMCard Guardian – alert send out when unauthorized SIM is used (GSM based phone only)
  • Loved-one Tracking – Great for couples and families with smartphones to track each other

I downloaded and installed SmrtGuard on my BlackBerry Tour 9630. It downloaded easily. With the app, you are also given access to the online SmrtGuard dashboard. You have the ability to access your handset from online at any time. You must first access the online account and activate the handset and the online dashboard account as well.

I’m going to start by explaining the online SmrtGuard dashboard. You login on the site, from there it opens the Dashboard tab. From there you see Connection Status. Last Connected, the Battery Level, and the Radio Signal. This is all the information of the phone. When you open the Dashboard a short or “ghost” email is sent to the phone. You won’t see it but it tests the phone. If you have alerts enabled for your phone with your email you should hear it but see nothing. On the bottom of the information you will see a Google Map with the location of the phone. There are ten buttons below the map in three columns.

The first column contains the following buttons. Device Info, Track My Phone, and Stop Tracking. If you click on Device Info a blue box will pop up with Device Stats: the information on the top of the map, and also the last backup information. Track My Phone will track your phone in the event that you lose it, and Stop Tracking in the event you find it.

The Second Column contains: Self Destruct, Self Destruct Test, and Remote Listen. For the purpose of the review, I did the Self Destruct Test. The screen displays the note that it is only a practice drill and asks for your password. The phone will have a message alerting you that it’s only a test. The Remote Listen will ask for another phone number and you can have the phone call that number quietly and you can remotely listen. This is a way to see if it sounds like a busy place, a car, if you can recognize a voice or sounds.

The last column contains: Locate My Phone, Audio Ping, Lock Device, and Remote Backup. Locate My Phone locates the phone GPS wise. Audio Ping will send a ping to your phone, and Remote Backup will save the phone’s content, much like a BES server would. You can see the arrows moving as data is backed up from the phone. Lock Device will ONLY work if you have your handset set up as password protected. This is done in the Options/Security Options.

The next tab is Account. Now in this tab it has Profile Information (name, email subscription information), Device Information (Your email, pin, smartphone model, OS, phone number, and carrier). Beneath is Permissioned Tracker and Add A Tracker. This is where you could add another phone and keep track of both.

The next tab is Contacts and displays the contacts from your phone if you have backed them up. Next tabs are: To Do (if you had any on your phone), Memo (any memos you had on your phone), Call Log, Events (your Calendar), Mail (all your emails that were backed up), SMS (your texts), and Location (showing the last whereabouts of your phone and dates). Contents are backed up quite well and contacts even has pictures.

Now the SmrtGuard on the BlackBerry. It displays an icon of an S on a shield. But when you scroll over it, it becomes a G on the shield. When you click on it you have Backup, Restore, Your Data, FollowMe, Where I’ve Been?, Personal Guardian, and Sim Guardian.

Backup has if Automatic Backup and frequency. It also shows Backup Status and whether Automatic Backup is enabled. Restore Status has the Contacts, Memos, Tasks, Events, Call Logs, Emails, and SMS. This has a check to what can be restored that has been backed up.

Your Data has how many Memos, Tasks, Contacts, Events, Call Logs, Emails, Files, and SMS you have. FollowMe asks whether you will be On Foot or In Vehicle and will track you. Where I’ve Been outlines where you have been . Mine was not too accurate. According to the Where I’ve been I’ve been in Spain and Ghana.

Personal Guardian enables you to have like an SOS contact. It sends an emergency email. This is perfect if you get in a dire situation and makes it safer for you should you ever find yourself in a life or death situation. The SIMS guardian allows you to backup your SIMs card and protect it.

I used the SmrtGuard, tested it out, and really found it to be quite comprehensive. It is easy for a newbie and for the person tech savvy.

CONS: Device Lock only works if the password protected option is enabled on your phone. Where I’ve Been? Isn’t accurate, not even close. I’ve never been anywhere near Africa or Spain. But the rest of the options were flawless and worked. Backup does not include third party apps.

PROS: Every other option works and if you have your BlackBerry Password protected, it works great. I like that it alerts an emergency contact quietly and that I can listen in to my phone’s surroundings. Now the fact there are lite free versions is nice, but I’d rather have the security of knowing my phone is fully protected, and the paid version offers that peace of mind.

What I loved? Everything about it except where I’ve been. I loved knowing that nearly everything could be backed up. I loved the idea of knowing I could wipe my phone from anywhere I have computer access. I also like knowing if I forgot my phone somewhere I could listen to figure out where or track it. Would I recommend this application? Of course.

Who would benefit from this application? Any individual who is concerned about his/her information, those who have their own business, those who work on their own, college students, spouses, and of course families who want to keep track of each other in times of concern such as your wife and/or daughter going on a road trip with a few friends or no one, things of that nature. An ounce of protection is worth a pound of after thought. The app does not back up third party apps, however, it’s important to notate that if you purchased them from any store including the BlackBerry Sync or App World, your account should have the apps you’ve purchased listed so you can redownload them. You only have one life and one identity, protect them.

If you’re wondering if there’s a detailed user guide, there is and you can read it here:

SmrtGuard User Guide

You can download the latest version of SmrtGuard from the SmrtGuard website here:

Grab your SmrtGuard v2.15 in one of three subscriptions here

Compatible with OS: 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

Compatible with BlackBerry devices:7130c, 71xx series, 81xx Pearl series, 82xx Flip Pearl series, 83xx Curve series, 8530 (Curve), 87xx series, 88xx World series, 89xx Curve series, 9000 (Bold), 95xx Storm series, , 9630/9650 (Tour), 9700 (Bold)

[Rating: 4.8/5]

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  • Akash1NY

    What about noticeable battery drain, being this is always running in the background? No mention of that.

  • Susan

    It’s light on the battery. I’m very leery with my battery life as I have so many apps I’ve installed on my Tour, there is no huge difference with the SmrtGuard. I would have listed the battery drain had there been an increase in the life of my battery.

  • silpheed

    As a con, I would add that without proper encryption, I wouldn’t trust this application.

  • Susan


    It’s an excellent security application. There are only three security apps out there I would trust: SmrtGuard, SMobile Shield, and Roblock. And out of those, only SMobile has a patented Anti-Virus/Spyware remover. So you have options but they are all three from companies that are top of the line security. If you pass up on such an option, then you alone are deciding what’s important to you. But whether your information is encrypted or not, in the hands of someone who has gotten hold of your phone, would you like to chance the possibility they can access your information?

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