Review: Newspaper Theme By MMMOOO, The News Never Looked So Good

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MMMOOO always has themes that are different. I’m always curious to see what’s new. Tonight I bring you the Theme Newspaper. I think you’ll agree, the news never looked so good or made more fun. I like the vintage and newspaper looks as themes for the BlackBerry. And this one stands out being so simple. Why? Let’s take a look…

Newspaper is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $6.99, although there is a lite version that is free, but the free does not have the ability to change the photo. This review is on the paid theme. The description is as follows:

A MMMOOO Art Designing Theme emulates the classical newspaper style, very nice details in side! The spotlight photo can be changed according to own prefer, make your own photo as the rocking banner image.


  1. Use the hidden menu: touch screen phone, click on the screen to pop up or hidden the page 2 menu; un-touch screen phone, use navi key to select page 2, click then navi and select your target icon.
  2. Spot Light Photo: You can replace the wallpaper with own photos, then the photo will display as rocking banner image in the newspaper, very stunning!
  3. Not all the photos looks well on the newspaper frame, you may PS the photo before assign it as wallpaper.

The following features are included:

  • Cool and useful hidden menu with page 1 and page 2
  • Customized default style icon set, easy to use, still with fresh look
  • Smooth, clean and stunning!

I installed the theme on my BlackBerry Tour 9630, and it installed easily. I always do a battery pull after installing a theme, activated it after the battery pull, and wow, my phone is now with vintage colors. I was really interested in this page 1/page 2 idea.

As you can see by the first pic, that ┬áis the front screen. If you move the cursor to page two and click, page two will roll over as seen here. You are able to customize which apps show on page two. This theme also comes with the weather slot. So I’ll show you the weather slot and then go to pics to change out the wallpaper so I can change the picture on the front page.

If you look at the first screen, it does show the battery on the top left and the bars indicating battery life. On the right side sits the coverage bars. It’s that easy. I’ll even show you some of the other details such as how nice the icons look. Page two gives you six customizable icons and one weather slot.

As you can see, the message alert is really cute. And the icons are fresh, simple, very clean and easy on the eyes.

It’s a simple and basic theme with an added page so it’s like reading a newspaper. It also has familiar icons, so it’s really not hard to get used to and to navigate. I especially like the sepia like colors. MMMOOO did a great job with this theme. My Tour didn’t freeze, didn’t have issues, so the theme does not use much memory.

CONS: You can’t say price because there’s a free lite version available. Other than that, not really much you can call a flaw. It’s one of the easiest themes I’ve had on my phone yet.

PROS: Nice colors, great idea with the Newspaper, ability to turn a page, the weather slot that I really like, and customizable icons on page 2. So easy it’s not even funny. The ability to put a picture on the front page lets you add your child or loved one (or you if you feel the need to be front page news).

I really did try to find a flaw, but couldn’t find one. I think this would appeal to anyone who likes the Newspaper look and loves themes. I have to be honest, I’m very selective with my themes, and don’t keep them on my phone except for a few select themes. This is one I most certainly will keep. I really like the way it looks and it’s safe for work, play, you name it. I rate a theme on color, how it is on the eyes, hidden and neat features, how it uses memory (if my phone is freezing a lot, I’m not happy), and how easy it is to figure out. I found the theme to pass them all. If you get the free or paid Newspaper, please share with me what you think. I’d like to know.

Grab your copy of Newspaper by MMMOOO for $6.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

Compatible with OS: 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

Compatible with BlackBerry Devices: 82xx Flip Pearl series, 83xx Curve2 series, 85xx Curve series, 89xx Curve series, 9000 Bold, 95xx Storm series, 96xx Tour series, 9700 Bold

[Rating: 5/5]

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