Review: BugMe! for BlackBerry, Combining Notes, Tasks, And Alarms

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Integrated apps are something I really enjoy and utilize. With this in mind, we bring you BugMe! for BlackBerry by Electric Pocket. It’s an app that allows you to combine notes, tasks, and alarms. It’s a note-taker and a reminder, one of those apps that integrates with your BlackBerry seamlessly and helps you keep on top. Check it out…

BugMe! for BlackBerry is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store, and it is available for the price of $4.99. There is also a three note trial so you can try the app first and check out how it works.

The description of the app is as follows:

BugMe! is the quick and easy note-taker and reminder for your BlackBerry. You can jot notes, ideas and errands as you go and easily set any note as a reminder. BugMe! will sound an alarm and pop up an alert when its due.
Taking notes is quick, easy and flexible. BugMe!’s note taker recognizes web addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, so its easy to reach out from your notes to websites or make contact with people from the note.
For simple task management, you can flag your notes as urgent, or mark them off as done when they’re complete. BugMe!’s search tool lets you find notes with certain keywords or tags, and makes organizing and finding information simple.
BugMe! notes can be used as alarming reminders – which bug you when they’re due. Pick an alarm time from the quick list, or choose a custom alarm and configure repeating alarms to your taste.
BugMe! not only looks good, it also integrates well with your BlackBerry. You can share your BugMe! notes by SMS text or email, or store them in your Calendar or Task Manager. You can create BugMe! notes straight from emails, texts, tasks and appointments or simply launch BugMe! from anywhere on your BlackBerry to take a quick note or set a reminder. A rich set of keyboard shortcuts means BugMe! actions can be done quickly and effortlessly.
  • Quickly capture notes and tasks
  • Set alarmed reminders
  • Flag notes Urgent or mark them Done
  • Make new notes direct from other BlackBerry apps – Contacts, email, etc.
  • Share notes by email or SMS
  • Integrates with phone profiles, for flexible alerts
  • Dial or message straight from the contact number in a note.

I installed BugMe! for BlackBerry on my Tour 9630. It installed quickly. The icon is as a note with a bent corner and two red lines resonating from the top left corner. Entering a note is easy. You click on Make A New Note and it’s pretty easy to figure out. After saving a note, you can highlight your note and click the options button. You are given the options of: New Note (+); Set Alarm (A); Edit Note; Search Notes (F); Sort Notes (S); Mark Note ‘Done’ (D); Mark Note ‘Urgent’ (U); Add BugMe! Note; Email Note, SMS Note; Copy to Calendar; Copy to Tasks, Delete Note; and Advanced.

You can add the BugMe! Note to any app. In Advanced, you can Delete Done Notes, Add BugMe! Note on all menus, Snooze, Reminder Alert Every, Email daily summary of notes, and email address. I listed things I needed to get done, and sure enough, BugMe! alerted me with an alarm as a faithful secretary. I liked that I had the option of bringing it to the Calendar or sharing it. It was a little similar as in a mini version of Viira. Viira is another fully integrated Get It Done app I find to be very valuable in keeping things in order. BugMe! is very similar but does it in notes.

BugMe! Is a great app for those who have trouble keeping sorted or organized. In today’s busy world, it makes it more convenient and beneficial to have that app to use. Jot a note and it won’t let you forget. You can set a reminder for anything from a quick thing to pick up, to an appt or questions you may have, paperwork you need to get done, or anything of that type.

I can see this app appealing to everyone from a student to the business user, from the teacher to the soccer parent, anyone can benefit from this app. And for the price, it’s definitely something to have. The app is easy to use and needs no special manual so for that I give it a five star rating. No bright colors, works as it says, another five stars. And because of Electric Pocket who has some great apps out there, we all know they will keep up with updates. It also didn’t freeze my phone, another plus.

CONS: Doesn’t have share with BBM or BBM Groups. I suppose with sharing in Calendar you could add it in there.

PROS: Integrates with so many native apps of the BlackBerry and it works as it states. The reminders/alarms work and on time, the app is so easy to use, no manual or finding how to use it is necessary. Short cuts are included which is even more of plus. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I had to use BBM as one thing it didn’t integrate with.

Don’t take my word for it, try the “3 Note” trial and see what you think. I know you’ll be impressed. Of course if you’re still used to using a pencil and paper for notes, this can save a tree for you and give you another reason to validate keeping your BlackBerry at your side at all times.

Grab your copy of BugMe! for BlackBerry by Electric Pocket for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

Compatible BlackBerry OS: 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

Compatible BlackBerry Devices: 82xx Pearl Flip series, 8350i (Curve), 8520 (Curve), 89xx Curve series, 9000 (Bold): 81xx Pearl series, 83xx Curve series, 87xx series, 88xx World series, 95xx Storm series, 96xx Tour, 9700 (Bold)

[rating: 5/5]

By the way, if you tried this app, let us know what you think. If you have it, please share. I’d like to know what you like about it.

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  • AJ

    i like this program alot amd dont mind droppin the 4.95 for it but having issues with the audible side of alerts. the program gives the popups but w/o sound. i would have to watch screen. email support 2 days ago and have yet to hear from them. i have a sprint tour running os

  • Meddie

    SLOW….when a msg pops up to bug you about a reminder and you click it to go away, it takes 10+ seconds to disappear. This is highly problematic when txting or emailing.

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