MTS to launch BlackBerry Storm 2 and Tour 2 Later This Year?

March 22, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

A new rumor is floating around over at HowardForums that MTS will be soon rocking both the BlackBerry Storm 2 and Tour 2. MTS is largely a CDMA carrier in Manitoba, and it seems that both models will make a great fit to their existing lineup.

Apparently HowardForums member “codwil” sent MTS an email asking them when they will see some more up to date smartphones, and this was the reply he received:

“Thanks for your email. We currently plan to launch both the Blackberry Storm 2 & the Tour 2 in late spring early summer 2010. We are also currently in talks with several manufacturers in regards to the Android phones but unfortunately nothing is nailed down at this point, we are looking at a tentative launch date of an Android unit in Spring 2010.”

So it looks to be a pretty good Spring for MTS! Any readers here from Manitoba who have a comment?

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • Charles

    Looking forward to this.
    Actually, they just released a new curve – so they have one blackberry with wifi now. Hopefully the new tour comes soon.

  • Kevin Cromie

    don’t understand why it takes MTS so long to get updated Phones. This Company needs to get there Head out of there *** and start keeping up with technology!!! By the time MTS gets around to releasing a phone Roger’s and TELUS had already released it 8 months ago and is already releasing something better. And what kills me is that MTS tries to sell the phone for a ridicules price when Rogers and TELUS are offing it for Free on a 2 year contract. I just don’t get how this company operates as they are always 8 months behind on the latest technology. And believe it or not I am with them I guess I am an idiot!!!!

  • Moira

    I gave up my MTS cell phone a couple of weeks ago. My contract with my Sanyo Katana ended Dec/08, and I’ve been waiting for MTS to get in a phone that I actually wanted to commit to a 3 year contract for.
    I finally gave up, when Sasktel came out with the Storm 2 in Apr/10. I saw in it Saskatoon, thought “this was the one”, and mulled it over for a week.
    I ordered a Storm 2 over the phone, and being in a border community, got a new phone # that is considered local in the Flin Flon area.
    Differences b/n MTS and Sasktel:
    MTS – long waits for customer service, had to give 30 days notice of giving up my phone or pay $30 to stop my account immediately. My comments as to why I was giving up my MTS phone after 5+ years – – – poor phone selection, long waits on the phone for customer service.
    SASKTEL – almost immediate contact with a “live” person. Friendly, helpful, detailed explanations about the Storm 2, and their contract plans. Ordered the phone Tuesday afternoon, in my PO Box by Friday morning. Small issue with billing corrected immediately.
    Love, Love, Love this Phone!
    Sayonara MTS!

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