Higher Quality Images of BlackBerry Slider! Possibly Bold 9700a? What do you think?

March 3, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

So yesterday we got a chance to see the first leaked images of the BlackBerry Slider, and now BBLeaks has posted up some higher quality shots of the device. There is still a lot of mystery hiding behind this device, but some believe its going to be part of the Bold series, possibly even modeled Bold 9700a, and others suggest it could be a part of the Storm family. Apparently the device itself has a dead battery, and its using a special FX-1 battery (which we haven’t seen yet). Apparently this device will also feature a fixed touchscreen without Surepress (think iPhone). Myself I would really like to see some pictures of the back of the device, and under the battery. In the picture above the Slider is compared to the Curve 8900 and it looks slightly bigger, much possibly thinner than I was expecting. I guess its hard to judge it until we have a unit hands-on. Anyway let’s all hope for a live working unit to make its way on to the internet soon! Continue reading to see more high quality shots of the device.

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