Exclusive: KIT digital And GoTV Networks, A Partnership To Be Excited About

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KIT digital has been more known in Europe and Asia where mobile TV and closed-network technology is more advanced (but is quickly advancing) and GoTV Networks is a top North American cellular entertainment content distribution network. We are fortunate to have had a conference with one of the top executives from Kit digital, Barak Bar-Cohen (EVP Global Business Development) about the new partnership with GoTV Networks and what it means for consumers in North America.

Before I go into the conversation about the partnership, I’d like to start by giving you a background of each company.

KIT digital: The leading global provider of on-demand, Internet Protocol-based video asset management solutions. KIT VX is the company’s end-to-end software platform, it enables enterprise clients to acquire, manage, and distribute video assets across three types of internet media: Personal Computer, mobile device, and IPTV-enabled television set. The use of VX extends from commercial video distribution to internal use from everything from training to surveillance. KIT digital’s client base includes more than 600 enterprise customers across 30+ countries, including The Associated Press, Best Buy, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Disney-ABC, General Motors, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IMG Worldwide, Intel, McDonald’s, News Corp, Telefonica, the U.S. Department of Defense, Verizon, and Vodafone.

GoTV Networks: A premier North American mobile media network and services provider. It brings original content and 3rd party rich media content including video, audio, and books to the widest mobile distribution network in the US. Mobile users access it through downloaded applications and through on-demand streaming services on a broad range of wireless devices. GoTV-distributed content is available on the Apple iPhone Application Store, AT&T, Boost Mobile, the Google Android Market, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

The following is the press release:

KIT digital and GoTV Networks Team up to Meet Increased Demand for Mobile Video in North America
Distribution Agreement Strengthens KIT digital’s Presence in US Mobile Markets
New York, NY and PRAGUE, Czech Republic – February 23, 2010 – KIT digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: KITD), a leading global provider of on-demand software solutions for managing and monetizing Internet Protocol (IP)-based video assets, has signed a distribution agreement with GoTV Networks, a premier North American mobile media network and mobile media services provider.  This distribution agreement will expand KIT digital’s distribution network in the United States, and meet the growing demand for better video content management and delivery by the major North American mobile carriers.
Under the terms of the agreement, GoTV will be a distributor and sales representative within North America of KIT digital’s VX-one platform to wireless network providers, Internet Service Providers, broadcasters, content owners, and content distributors, for all forms of mobile and broadband distribution, including WiMax, WiFi, datacasting, and other related formats.
GoTV Networks is a premier North American mobile media network and services provider. GoTV brings original content and 3rd-party rich media content, including video, audio and books to the widest mobile distribution network in the US.  GoTV’s current partners in the mobile market include AT&T, Sprint, RIM/BlackBerry, T-Mobile, Google Android, Apple, Verizon Wireless, and Cricket, among others.
“Our partnership with GoTV is a great addition to our KIT Partners program as it reinforces KIT digital’s presence in US mobile markets,” said Barak Bar-Cohen, executive vice president of business development at KIT digital. “GoTV’s top-notch content and relationships perfectly complement KIT digital’s asset management platform and together we will be able to offer major mobile carriers robust and feature-rich content solutions. Our VX-one capabilities give clients the highest quality live and VoD experience on mobile devices.”
KIT digital is in the process of rolling out its new content management and publishing solutions via its next-generation “VX-one” platform.  VX-one features several upgrades to the current “KIT VX” platform, as well as brand new elements, including: augmented playback experience relating to advertising, interactive user engagement tools, recommendation engine, and advanced reporting capabilities.  The company intends to fully deploy VX-one across its global client set by the end of the third quarter of 2010.
Commented Thomas Ellsworth, CEO of GoTV Networks, “We are impressed with what KIT digital has achieved for Vodafone and other mobile operators in Europe through its asset management platform, specifically providing a solution for entertainment content and payment gateways on mobile devices.  We anticipate the adoption momentum toward Smartphones in the United States will continue in the coming year.  As this occurs, a drastic increase in consumption of mobile video should follow.  We are very pleased to bring the depth and quality of KIT digital’s asset management and content distribution solutions to our roster of mobile and media partnerships.”

I started off by asking Barak what the partnership entailed as far as what both companies bring as a partnership. He stated that KIT has been successful in Europe, which has been far more technology advanced and have been using 3G and 4G for quite some time now. He said that they have had experience in an advanced environment, they have experience with setting up the networks, support and service in the advanced technology. Barak said that GoTV Networks has experience with partnerships such as Sprint and Verizon. Their expertise lies in the relationships, mobile content, apps, and games they provide.

KIT digital has the ability to provide a robust platform and has advanced technology for mobile devices. They have live channels streamed, and customers can watch video on demand and pay per view, live events, all of which can also be interactive such as showing links which allow you to also go online making it interactive.

The partnership in essence brings front end content and technology and platform for mobile devices. Barak was explaining that here in the states when you mention broadband, most of the public will refer to the cable in their home or satellite. But when you ask about broadband in Europe, the public views broadband as 3G and 4G on their mobile devices.

With KIT, the ability to stream full feature movies on your phone, stream pieces of content as pay as you go or by a subscription basis. The partnership will allow more features and more choices, including on or off deck which means through your mobile provider or any can access them.

The really nice thing is how the technology works. I asked how this pertains to a BlackBerry device. So Barak explained that as you go to the link in your BlackBerry browser, the technology reads the platform and delivery, and will optimize the video by reading your device, whether it is a BlackBerry or an iPhone.

The premier platform contains a sophisticated data base for devices, allowing streaming, and optimized at that. It can read the parameters giving each user on different devices the full experience.

It will be very interesting and exciting for me to see what lies ahead, and looking forward to it. I can’t even count anymore how many times I’d hear from military friends about the technology out in Europe and how we are tying to catch up here. They’ve been ahead of the game so it’s going to be a great advantage for GoTV to have a partner who has been there and is prepared.

What are your opinions? Any questions? What type of content would you like to see? I for one am looking forward to movies and hoping concerts may be the sort of events they’ll include.

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