AddOnis Contest!!! We Have An All In One Utility App Waiting For Your Thoughts

March 21, 2010 | By | 16 Comments

We know there are always things you wish your BlackBerry could do, things you thought would be included. There’s an app that adds several utilities into one. That is AddOnis by Twinkler Software, LLC (Nominated for Best Productivity App for 2009). But there’s more. AddOnis is the ONLY app currently supporting the 5.0 Hybrid Standby/Lock! What else does the app do?

AddOnis does so very much and is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store. It is available for $6.99, and comes in two different versions, depending upon your device and OS. It installs in the Options and it has the following options within it:

  • Phone Call: Vibrate on Call Connect, Vibrate on Call Disconnect, Enable LED Notification for Missed Calls, Vibrate when Ringing, Prompt to add number to contact book, Log received or placed calls to Calendar, and enable InCall nofitication
  • Call Firewall: This contains a Blacklist and Whitelist, and Block Private Numbers and Block Unknown Numbers, amongst a few others.
  • Autolock: Enable Autolock
  • SMS Signature: Enable SMS Signature and also to create that signature for your sms texts.
  • Emoticon: Different Emoticons with the ability to customize. These are the ones you remember you create in emails.
  • “Send to…” Options
  • Number Lookup: Which search engine for lookup
  • Wifi Option: Enable WiFi
  • About: The information about your version of AddOnis

Since AddOnis updated to the new version, we have a contest for you. So here are the rules.

We are asking you to share your embarrassing BlackBerry story where the AddOnis could have saved you. It can be a call you could have logged that would have helped, wishing you could have blocked someone’s number, some crazy store. We have 25 copies to give away to 25 readers with awesome stories, but there’s a catch. In the end or the beginning, we’d like you to list your BlackBerry model and the OS. So for mine it would be Tour 9630/5.0. Let’s run the contest until Tuesday night. We’ll announce the winners Wednesday.

Let the comments begin, and trust me, we read them all. You won’t want to miss this one. If you have AddOnis, please let those who don’t have it know what they’re missing.

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  • BBtweeps

    There was that time I called my ex-girlfriend from my pocket… Auto-lock would have helped!

  • BBtweeps

    Ahh drat. I forgot to mention that I have a Tour/5.0

  • jason Messina

    Lol, over the weekends I don’t answer customer call, couple if weeks ago my answered, thinking she would be helping. I ended up driving back to the office and delivering to a client. I was 150km way. A blacklist app wouldve helped! Blackberry Bold 9000

  • Melanie

    My Bold 9700 was in my purse and I was sitting on the edge of it while driving. Over and over again, the phone dialed my husband’s guy friend. His girlfriend was furious with him and I. Auto-lock would have been perfect because only God knows what his girlfriend was thinking.

  • pinkbberri

    Storm1/5.0 – Auto lock…pocket dialing a co worker on a saturday morning…not cool! Auto Lock is needed my friends.

  • Josh D.

    I was in bed catching up on my Tour/5.0 while my wife was @ work. (She works graveyard)I fell asleep on top of the phone, and I guess it had dialed her. She answered to me snoring super loud. Not only did I wake up to that story I also had a trackball indented into my back. Autolock would have saved me. LOL!

  • silpheed

    Well, that could have prevented me from sending a butt emoticon to my girlfriend instead of the one of a rose, because I pasted the wrong black square (they all show as a black squares when in a memo) into BBM.

  • Tashanna

    AddOnis could have saved me once when I sms a co-worker at work one day to get some info. She didn’t have my number saved in her add book so she didn’t respond to me and it was something I needed to know urgently. And because it seems she didn’t recognize my number she didn’t answer my call as well. I eventually left a voice meassage and sent another text stating who I was.

    So AddOnis would have saved me the hassel if I had this app to begin with. The signature for SMS would have came in handy.

    Blackberry Model is: Bold 9700
    OS is:

  • Vyrenee

    Tour 9630/4.7. Blocking the unwanted caller who called during a very delicate time.

  • Edwin V.

    Bold 9700/OS

    I could have really used the call firewall blacklist feature when my ex kept calling me over and over when I was on a date. My date got really annoyed and really mad. Lets just say I didn’t get a second date.

  • frozencloud

    Bold 9000/

    Well ok, one time I remember I was talking to my gf (now my ex) the phone and she was yapping on about her problems with her friends…and I’m here at work trying to concentrate while listening to her ranting. Anyway, after we finish the call, I burst out “so annoying.” Let’s just say the call wasn’t hang up when I said that and it was a long night after I got home…so it would be great to have this app for the vibrate when hanging up (along with the other features) so this will never happen again with my current gf.

  • nuri

    vibrate when connected is very handy when i’m waiting someone to pickup my phone in the other end.

    Curve 8900/5.0

  • cindyngco

    Curve 8520/5.0 I recall one time my friend was calling me, but I didn’t answer her call because we had a slight argument. So each time I saw her number I just don’t answer it. Later, a private number showed up and I ended up picking up the call by reflex….guess who it was???!!! It felt so awkward and she even confronted me about not picking her calls up. Yeah so this would help a bunch to be able to block those private calls and well block anyone general.

  • anggia

    Bold 9700/5.0
    vibrate while ringing will help me a lot in many situations..

  • JK

    Curve 8900/5.0



  • Bryan Gutierrez

    Well one time – was at school I had my phone in my pocket and all of the sudden pandora radio turns on and starts playing a stupid girly song my freinds starting calling me gay for 2 weeks and my teacher took my phone and maid my parents pick it up it was so embarising my friends still remeber! Auto lock could of save my butt.

    BlackBerry Curve 8330 user!