BlackBerry Slider to be 9900 & 9930? Heading to Sprint? Fails Sprint Testing?

March 14, 2010 | By | 14 Comments

Who else but Boy Genius has received a solid tip about the un-released BlackBerry Slider. Apparently the device (or one of the devices) will be modeled the 9900 or 9930, and will be available in both CDMA and GSM/HSPA radios. Apparently Sprint has been testing this new unreleased Slider and so far it has failed 4 of the 5 tests. According to the tipster, the last time a device failed this many tests was the BlackBerry Pearl Flip. Boy Genius also suggests that Sprint might be heading towards an exclusive launch for the Slider 9930, although we doubt it. The GSM/HSPA version will be the 9900, and will feautre GSM/HSPA 850/1900MHz meaning we may see it on AT&T, Rogers, Bell and TELUS.

Want more details on the rumored BlackBerry Slider? Click here.

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  • DavidB

    RIM launching such a potentially game-changing device as this as a Sprint exclusive would be just plain dumb, and market suicide.

  • BluePlate

    I want to know how likely it really is that this phone will be both GSM *and* CDMA. Are people reporting this because they want it to be true, or because it really might happen?

    Is there precedent for an all-platform BB?

    (Because I reeeeeeeally want this to hit Verizon!!)

  • Freddy Martinez

    Astute readers of BGR will remember that they broke down why new BB brands don’t differ. For example, all 9700s can handle Tmobile, AT&T, etc frequencies. The only difference is how the are loaded by the carriers. So the reports of what spectrums are supported is irrelevant. More like the fact that it is CDMA and GSM.

    Of course, either report could be wrong.

  • Scott

    @David B: I completely agree. If RIM launched this device as a Sprint exclusive it will fail. I think this device will need to be launched on all major networks… Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.

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