YouMail For BlackBerry, Updated VoiceMail App Is Updated And FREE

February 18, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

YouMail listened to your feedback and released a newer updated version to address them. Introducing YouMail v0.97. It’s simple, more reliable, easier on the battery, and there’s some new cool features and it includes support for troubleshooting. If you don’t use it, now is a good time to get acquainted with it, after all it’s free and available in BlackBerry App  World. Check it out…

It’s Smarter!

YouMail can find new voicemail WITHOUT needing those TXT alerts or what they call “polling”, which gives your BlackBerry much better battery life. There’s no more need to hassles with texts either. It is reliable in checking e-mail alerts going to your phone. You just need to go into the app setting and turn off the TXT alerts and “polling”, be sure to turn on the e-mail alerts.

YouMail can make sounds, utilize your LED, vibrate all with new voicemails, just like all your other BlackBerry alerts and apps. Go to profiles, go to Set Ringtones/Alerts, and it’s under Others.

YouMail now gives you the advantage of having more control over your greetings. You can control what it does with the “Unknown Callers”, “blocked callers”, and “smart greetings”.

YouMail lets you try out the voice to text transcriptions with a single click.

It Looks Better!

YouMail lets you see the dates and makes them easier to read displaying the caller in BOLD.

It Connects Better And Boots Faster!

It’s been reworked to handle network problems much better, efficiently handling the devices with spotty coverage or unreliable WiFi. There’s less data traffic, less need to do more frequent authentication, and connection attempts.

It’s ensured that voicemail audio files stay on the micro SD cards, so that you don’t need to worry about losing old voicemail when you upgrade.

There’s also been some rare cases that have been addressed. It seems that some of the phones redirected audio requests through other services. Now it works. If you still have a problem with files, go to “Storage” and choose the “chunk audio” option.

Now Better Troubleshooting

Now included is user-friendly information about the network and authentication status of the application.

It’s easily accessible from the about screen.

Let them know there’s a problem easily. Click the “Send Log” button on the About screen and it will create an e-mail telling them exactly what’s happened. Take the guess work and  the frustration for you.

I love YouMail, it’s easy to use, free, and  it even has a smart greeting that will greet your caller by name, or choose one of your liking. Callers are thrown off when they’re greeted by name. And your voicemails appear in playable form like mp3.

If you have YouMail, update it now. If you don’t, it’s free, what are you waiting for?

Download the updated YouMail app from BlackBerry App World here

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