WeatherEye App for BlackBerry Updates to Version 2.0

February 17, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

One of my favorite applications is WeatherEye from The Weather Network. It’s a great free download that helps Canadians keep on top of the latest weather. I’ve been testing the new version of WeatherEye for a few months now, and it’s really got some great new features. The new WeatherEye features a new UI design, plus allows you to have multiple cities (across the World), update based on your GPS location, and get Radar maps on the go.

You can download the new WeatherEye by pointing your BlackBerry browser to or by visiting BlackBerry App World.

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  • Tashanna

    I upgraded and it does not work. Now I’m out of a weather app. Be careful. I have a 9700. I contacted support awaiting an answer.

  • Scott

    Hey Tashanna.. What’s the issue? Did you try a battery pull? I have it running on my 9700 (with OS and its working great.

  • Tashanna

    Ok it’s working now. I assume the battery pulled fixed. Update looks great by the way. Lots of added new features for me to check out.

  • Julia

    WAS great…but now just upgraded to newest update, & it doesn’t work AT ALL.
    too bad

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