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I get these emails from the Jared Company and I thought I would share them with you. This week we got the following: Calling 800 numbers, handling freezing, and last but not least, how to do play lists. So if any of those three interest you, keep reading, we’ve got the tips waiting for you.

Thanks to Michael, we have some great tips we thought we’d share with those of you interested.

The first one I’ll start with is the 800 numbers. I wish I could count the many times I hear the complaint “Since I began using a BlackBerry I can’t call the 800 numbers with words anymore?” Well you’re wrong, you still can and here’s the way to do it.

For 800 numbers like 1-800-luv-bery you can call by pressing the Alt button and typing the letters. And if you have the storm, you can see the letters just like a regular phone.

If your BlackBerry slows down, freezes, etc. Take the battery out and wait a few seconds (11 to 30) before reinserting the battery. This is called a battery pull and 95% of BlackBerry issues can be cleared up doing this.

So last but not least, how to make a playlist.

  1. In the Media application, click Music.
  2. Scroll down to Playlists and click.
  3. Click “New Playlist”
  4. Click “Standard Playlist”
  5. Type a name for the Playlist
  6. Press the Menu key
  7. Click Add songs
  8. Click on any song you want to add to the Playlist, and the song will be added authomatically.
  9. To add more songs, repeat steps 6-8.
  10. When you are finished press the Menu key and click Save.

Thanks again Michael for the great tips from the Jared Company.

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  • bill clark

    Surprised they forgot their most important tip:

    If other developers have created a similar app to yours and are selling it, send a fake cease and desist letter to them telling them to stop doing it or else you will sue. After all, we only need 1 flashlight app anyways.

  • funkym

    Yeah Bill, they must have forgotten that. Perhaps I should drop a link so the readers can check that out too: The Jared Company – A Copycat wants to sue other Copycats over Copying

  • Susan

    bill and funkym, no one has forgotten that, my only intention here was to share some useful information for the readers who may not be aware of tips like that, not to point fingers and cast stones. I wanted to share some information to our readers that may benefit them in the use of their BlackBerry.

  • BenS

    The Jared Company is a complete JOKE! Who cares what they have to say.

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