The Free BlackBerry Apps: Your BlackBerry Smartphone’s Best Friends

February 6, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

My friend, Al Sacco from CIO, posted a great slideshow article about his ten favorite free apps and it’s definitely a post you should check out. I know we all love the word free, especially when it works. We thought we’d share Al’s article and share some of our favorite free apps with you, check it out….

Al’s post shows you great screenshots of the apps as well as brief yet detailed description of them too. I’ll share what made his list of faves.

  1. Foursquare For BlackBerry
  2. UPS Mobile For BlackBerry
  3. Navita Translator For BlackBerry
  4. Tvider For BlackBerry
  5. Urbanspoon For BlackBerry
  6. Movies For BlackBerry
  7. NBA Game Time Lite For BlackBerry
  8. Poynt For BlackBerry
  9. Buzzd For BlackBerry
  10. Speedtest For BlackBerry

Here are our Team’s faves followed by our personal picks

BlackBerry Sync Team’s Picks

  1. Viigo For BlackBerry: The one BlackBerry app that is free and brings everything in your hands. It has news, sports, politics, movies, weather, and more. It’s a one stop resource for the latest.
  2. Poynt For BlackBerry: One of the most useful apps you’ll ever use. It’ll point you in the right direction every time. Poynt has reverse call lookup, finds the closest gas places and cheapest gas, the nearest businesses for what you seek, and more.
  3. PayPal For BlackBerry: Send money to your friends and family in the world anytime, anywhere, with your PayPal account and app.
  4. BlackBerry App Store For BlackBerry: Get the app store right on your BlackBerry so you can see your apps, updated versions, sales, and specials, and download right to your BlackBerry.
  5. Mobile Launcher For BlackBerry: Place a launcher on your BlackBerry so you can always have quick access to BlackBerry Sync anytime and anywhere.
  6. Google Voice: Use your number or a Google number. Most of us use this app. Check out what it’s all about.

Our personal faves to add to the above list are next.

Scott’s Faves:

  • ForceRadioOn: Keep your BlackBerry your radio on even when the battery says too low for usage.
  • I Love My BlackBerry: The app that tracks your BlackBerry use and clearly reflects your BlackBerry addiction.

Adam’s Fave’s:

  • ScoreMobile For BlackBerry: It provide sup-to-the-minute sports scores, boxscores, fantasy player stats, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, and league standing.
  • BeWeather Free: The weather app BerryWeather in free version.

Michelle’s Picks:

  • WallPaper Shifter: Let’s you change your wallpaper and pick the folder and intervals.
  • TFLNBerry: Read the latest Texts From Last Night.
  • Shoot It: Send postcards from your BlackBerry with pictures you take.
  • SocialScope: A Twitter app that combines Twitter and Facebook, and is available by invite only while in Beta.

Matt’s Picks:

Susan’s Picks:

  • Fixmo Tools: The beta app that no BlackBerry should be without. It’s the tool box that should accompany your BlackBerry if you want to keep it happy.
  • Pandora For BlackBerry: Pandora is free internet radio for your BlackBerry if you live in the US. You make the channel based on your fave artist or song.
  • Slacker Radio For BlackBerry: Slacker has a free version that does two more things, it allows your stations to be cached for times when you don’t have connection and it’s available for those who live in Canada.
  • Foursquare For BlackBerry: The free game/social app is fun and gps based. The more friends you have, the more fun it is. You can also have your check-ins tied to Twitter and Facebook too.

An honorable mention goes out to a few other free Twitter apps out there

  • UberTwitter: The Twitter app that also can list your location based on GPS. The free version is available for download now.
  • yfrog For BlackBerry: The Twitter app that lets you share pics and videos on Twitter while you tweet.

Let us know if you have any of these apps, we’d really like for you to share your favorites with us. And please go check out Al’s post with more concise descriptions and pictures. The slideshow will give you more details about the apps Al listed. And while you’re there, check out Al’s BlackBerry Bible to learn more about your BlackBerry.

[via: CIO]

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  • Josh D.

    Thanks for all ur guys picks. Its interesting to see what everyone preffers, I also found a couple that were new to me. I personally use Ubertwitter, Vigo, and Facebook the most.

  • Susan

    I like UT, and Viigo is always my fave. Facebook is a service book that you can install, so while we all use it, that’s why it remained unlisted. Any one else out there want to share?

  • Summer

    I really like seeing what everyone likes as well. I have some of the same. I love Blackberry Application store, I check it almost daily! I love finding new applications. Same with BBsync, checking ur site daily too, just wish it was not so slow. But you guys keep me in SYNC! I have the Ubertwitter, Facebook (daily apps) that I’m on daily as well. I really love Slacker Radio! Pandora I use to have but a little to slow for my phone.
    Some of my Favorites that I have as well are:
    Mastro Bolletta
    Visible Vote
    Dictionary and Thesaurus
    (The only free dictionary app for BlackBerry)great with kids homework.
    Beam Explorer
    BABY GO (for the moms or dads)my 5yr old loves this!so I’m happy
    Xenozu_ youtubeplayer
    iFood_Assistant_Lite (Amazing for moms)
    NoBabyNow lite version
    Kisses the Spyware Detector

  • summer

    I posted a comment on here last night but I guess it did not stick…hmmmm.
    Well it is interesting to see everyones favorite apps.
    The apps that I use everyday are:
    -BlackBerry App Store For BlackBerry
    -BBsyncLauncher (everyday now to be in sync with latest news…just soooooooooo slow!!)
    Other favorite apps I love are:
    -Visible Vote
    -Mastro Bolletta
    -Baby GO (for moms or dads) my5yr old loves this! It really keeps him so happy
    -VCast SongID
    -NoBabyNow (womans calendar) &
    iFood_Assistant_Lite(amazing meal planning & to use while at the grocery) the Best application for a mom who cooks & needs help.
    Neway, I have been looking for months for a Free application that is like a Diary/Journal to put thoughts in. No luck as of yet..
    Love your site

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