The BerryJoose Contest Closes and Winners Announced!

February 14, 2010 | By | 7 Comments

Last week we announced the BerryJoose contest, and we had several comments and entries. We are proud to announce the winners and hope you enjoy your copy. I said we’d close the contest, I have emailed the winners, and now I will share their winning names and the glory. May we have the drumroll please….

And the winnners are:

  1. David
  2. Kitty
  3. Sean
  4. Luis
  5. Jeff
  6. Brian
  7. Derek
  8. Pink2
  9. Galambo
  10. Bryan
  11. Nthui
  12. Summer
  13. Jesse
  14. Tracy
  15. Tom
  16. Johnson
  17. Gavin
  18. Greg
  19. Nolan
  20. Kevin
  21. BBPatriotStorm
  22. Atul
  23. Freddy
  24. JoshD
  25. Jeffrey

Congratulations and thanks again for the comments and the entries, we really appreciate comments of any kind. Let us know what you think of the BerryJoose…

If you didn’t win a copy, don’t fret, you can still run over to the BlackBerry Sync App Store, and while it’s normally $9.95, you can download a copy for only $4.99 until Feb 21st.

Grab your copy of BerryJoose For BlackBerry for $4.99 until Feb 21st from the BlackBerry Sync App Store here

PS if your name is on the list and you didn’t receive an email, please email me so that I may send you the code. Thank you.

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  • Summer

    Thank You BBsync for being wonderful as usual, you guys go out of your way to keep us HAPPY!
    Excited to download the BerryJoose, just wanted to say thank you!

  • Kevin

    Thanks – can’t wait to try this program out!!

  • luis alejandro(rivalejo)

    thanks!!!! just about to download it!!!

  • Jeffrey

    I think i won, but i didn’t get an email :x

  • Susan


    Email me at and I will send you your code. I tried emailing you and it said your email was invalid. Please send and I’ll reply with your code.

  • Sean Rma

    Many thanks to ye, installed and it seems to be working well

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