Simple Solutions For Keeping Up With the 2010 Winter Olympics On Your BlackBerry

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The whole world has an eye on Vancouver, BC, Canada this month for the 2010 Winter Olympics. You can catch coverage of your favorite events and athletes just about anywhere, be it television, the internet, or newspaper. But what about those times you’re not at home, and you’re dying to know who won the pairs figure skating competition? Oh right, you own a BlackBerry, and lucky for you, developers have worked hard this year to keep you up to date on all things Olympic. No matter what aspect of the Winter Games you are interested in, there is a solution out there for you.

Let’s take a look!

This first one isn’t an app, so it’s perfect for those of you with older devices that don’t have room for a lot of extra downloads. Yahoo came out with a great mobile website with quite a few nice features. Organized nicely into three main sections, you have tabs for Today, Medals, and Sports. On the Today tab the information is broken down further giving you a ton of options. These include a current event story, an overview of the top four countries’ medal counts, recent photos from events, and a place to search for your favorite athlete. You can even see the current weather conditions in Vancouver and check out the schedule of upcoming events. The information contained on the medals tab is pretty self-explanatory, but I wanted to point out that you can filter the medals by event as well as see a running total or just the most recent ones awarded.  The Sports tab breaks down the Olympics by each event, and clicking on a specific event takes you to a screen much like the home screen for the mobile site, but geared specifically toward that event. All in all, the mobile Olympic site from Yahoo is well put together, runs smoothly on my device, and contains a ton of information that is easy to navigate. Check it out at

The second solution I’ve been checking out is called Winter Sports Live, and is brought to us by Handango.  Winter Sports Live is a free download available in BlackBerry App World. Providing real-time updates on all the events, the app is broken down into seven different sections:
•    Live from Vancouver – Top headlines, updated in real time
•    Competition News – Stories from individual events
•    Word on the Street – News, Scores and analysis
•    Picture of the Day – The day’s top moment in pictures
•    Photo Gallery – The best photos from the Games
•    Olympic Champions – Features on Olympic champs, past and present
•    Quotes of the Day – Top comments from participants and spectators

That’s a lot of information, right at your fingertips! My favorite part has to be the pictures, as they really showcase some things you don’t get to see every day. The only thing I think that is really lacking in this app is a list of medal counts, so if that’s what you are most interested in, I would stick with the Yahoo mobile site.

So, even if you aren’t one of the 2.3 million estimated attendees at the Olympic games this winter, you can still get up-to-the minute news and pictures, delivered right to your BlackBerry. How are you keeping up with your favorite events and athletes?

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