RIM announces Twitter for BlackBerry App is Coming Soon!

February 11, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

UPDATE: I’m going to hold off writing a full hands-on write up, as it feels that this app is still a little wonky. I’ve been noticing a lot of freezing issues on my BlackBerry Bold 9700, therefore I think it’s best if I wait for now. Meanwhile you can check out the official Inside Blackberry blog for their hands-on photos.

Early this morning RIM announced their long awaited Twitter for BlackBerry App is Coming Soon! Although, no launch dates we’re announced. The BBSync Team has been invited by RIM to test out the new app, and we will bring our first thoughts right from our twitter account @blackberrysync. You can register to get updates when the Twitter app becomes available to the public by visiting blackberry.com/twitter.

The Twitter for BlackBerry App offers:

  • Get your direct messages as soon as they arrive
  • Reply to tweets, re-tweet and send direct messages
  • Post a link from your BlackBerry® Browser
  • Take a funny picture and upload it
  • Follow friends or search for popular topics

Stay tuned for a hands-on preview coming up later today…

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  • http://blackberrysync.com Scott James

    So hands-on write up will be coming soon… The app seems pretty good so far, with the exception of minor freezing on my Bold 9700.

  • SusanC

    So far I’m liking it. It’s still in basic Beta form, I’m used to freezin with my Tour anyways, but it’s nice, pictures post great. And battery life stays great.

  • http://www.twitter.com/@douglasfamily4 Josh D

    I like the idea of waiting for your review. So far I havnt seen many people excited about it. Excited to see what you two think.

  • SusanC

    Josh, it’s really nice. Similar to the facebook app, the pictures post great. It has all the usual tools, rt, reply, find users, follow, etc, but what’s nice is that it integrates with your messages and such. I hope it does like facebook where you can link them to your address book.

  • Donnie

    I hate to speak too soon here, but I am not having issues with the freezing that Im reading and hearing about. I am running it on a 9700, and everything is pretty good. I do see it is a little slow though. I wish it had the “friend picker” option.

  • http://www.twitter.com/@douglasfamily4 Josh D.

    I do like the facebook integration.

  • SusanC

    I have a Tour and have a few freezing issues to begin with. The BlackBerry Twitter App isn’t freezing, except for a brief second as it loads. Pictures post beautifully, the retweets, replies, and tweets so far have worked fantastic, and I love that it integrates, especially in my messages. I’m hoping that you can link your faves follows in your address book as you can with facebook. It’s nice to have them linked (as BBM allows as well). But so far I’m only using Tweet Genius and the BlackBerry Twitter app and haven’t had any issues, I’m just excited to see what the finished product will be like.

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