Review: TweetGenius By BGR, The Twitter App That’s Smokin’

February 15, 2010 | By | 9 Comments

TweetGenius for BlackBerry by BGR (Boy Genius Report) has updated to version 1.1.3 and with the new update, I decided I should review the updated TweetGenius. TweetGenius is a favorite of ours, and it works amazingly on newer devices, and is quick to send tweets. I also have some shortcuts and insight from Boy Genius himself. Tweet fast, tweet smart, TweetGenius.

I was able to ask Boy Genius some questions as well, so since this review was posted, there is some extra information and a very special Thanks and Shout Out goes out to Boy Genius for taking some time to share some insight with us.

Here’s some background and a little bit about the app: TweetGenius is a really nice app, and it’s the creation of BGR. Boy Genius created quite the vision with this app. BGR also integrated with beejive to create a really great Twitter app. I asked Boy Genius where the inspiration for Tweet Genius came from. Why did he think to create it? This is his answer: TweetGenius was created because while there were only a few BlackBerry Twitter apps, they mostly missed the mark. By mark, meaning the ease of use, straightforward UI, good features, and something that would connect with people. TweetGenius is revolutionary as they made every option accessible form no matter where you were in the app. The homescreen, timeline, user profile page, it’s all there in options to do. If you look, you can see RIM even had a few ideas from TweetGenius when you look at their app, so it’s pretty neat to know not only was Boy Genius inspired to create it, but also RIM took a few cues as well.

I’ll start with the description next.

TweetGenius is the world’s most gorgeous Twitter application, but it’s more than just a pretty face — it’s incredibly functional, too. Connect with your Twitter followers, view trends, share photos, and even post your GPS location all in a fast, simple, and easy-on-the-battery app.

We focused on design and ease-of-use, and from the moment you launch TweetGenius and see that cartoon-infused city skyline you’ll know you’re going to have a great experience. We even built in themes (with more on the way soon) so you can pick whatever style suits you best.

TweetGenius also optimizes its network access to minimize data traffic, and is designed to save battery power even as it fetches new tweets in the background.

And don’t worry about subscriptions, updates, or transferring TweetGenius to a new BlackBerry. TweetGenius is on sale for $7.99, and whenever you get a new BlackBerry, your license will follow you — you can switch as many times as you’d like.

The features of Tweet Genius are as follows:

  • Send tweets
  • Automatically fetch new tweets in the background
  • Save tweets as favorites
  • Delete tweets
  • Send your GPS location
  • Send photos to numerous online photo services
  • Shorten URLs with
  • View trends
  • Search in real time
  • Mark messages as read when you’re done reading them
  • Customize themes and fonts
  • View photos
  • View user profiles and timelines
  • View users by both username and real name

And technical notes included are:

  • Supports WiFi
  • Tested on BlackBerry OS 5.0, 4.7.1, 4.7, 4.6.1, 4.6, 4.5, and 4.3
  • Supports both QWERTY and touchscreen devices (SureType devices, e.g. Pearl and Flip Pearl, are not supported)
  • With free updates until version 2.0

And here are some SHORTCUTS that Boy Genius gave BlackBerry Sync EXCLUSIVELY:

  • T: Top
  • B: Bottom
  • Q: Refresh
  • A: Mark All Read
  • M: New Message
  • S: Search
  • R: Reply
  • D: Direct Message
  • U: Go To User
  • Space: Page Down
  • Shift + Space: Page Up

TweetGenius is normally $9.99 but you can purchase it while it’s on sale for $7.99. This fee will cover all updates until v2.0.

For this review, TweetGenius is installed on my Tour 9630 with OS Updates are pushed through the app, sending you to the OTA in the browser to download. You boot your BlackBerry, and it’s installed that easy. The icon is a fat little blue Twitter bird. When you click on it, TweetGenius opens with the word TweetGenius by BGR on the top. I love the blue colors of the opening screen. The bright blue strip on the bottom is where you can read the last tweet in the category you scroll over. The background is a city in different shades of blue with clouds and it sits on a white hill. In the front sits three boxes that contain your options:  Friends; Mentions; and Direct Messages.

When opening the Friends, on the very top bar you see Fetch New Tweets, and it you scroll to the bottom of the Friends Timeline you will see another bar that says Fetch older tweets. They do as they say allowing you to get newer and older tweets. This was new with the update and makes it convenient to catch up on what you’ve missed.

Now a tweet. You can click on a message. As it opens you can see the picture icon, the name of the tweeter, and the Twitter name below that on the blue stripe on top. The tweet appears in black font on a white background. It also has the symbols to go back, tweet, favorite or forward the message. It also displays the day, date, time, and from where the tweet came from as far as the vehicle used such as TweetGenius or HootSuite as examples. If you click on the Twitter name you will find the profile of the tweeter. The name appears on the stripe on the top. It has the Direct message and block icons and then the location of the tweeter, how many friends and followers they have, how many faves, how many updates, and when they joined Twitter right to the date. From here you can follow them if you wish, or unfollow if that’s your intent.

If you click the BlackBerry menu button, you will see Fetch New Tweets, Send Tweet, Friends Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages, Public TImeline, Favorites, Trends, Go to user, Search, Options, and Shutdown. With Trends, you can see the latest trends. If you go to Options you will see the name TweetGenius on the top, and it says you are logged in as @yourname with the button to logout. Beneath is Tweet list style as default and bars, font size of small, med, or large. Set your autofetch from never to every 3 hours. Set tweets per fetch from 10 to 100. Set max tweets from list from 10 to 300. Set fetch tweets from Manually, I both start and view, I view a list, or I start TweetGenius. Image upload choices of TwitPic or yfrog. Show Twitter names as Username or Display name. You can choose to enter key sends tweets, right align tweets you send, you can mark tweets read on the list view, Keep tweets on app shutdown. You can choose to use WiFi, if you have a WiFi enabled device. You can connect using BIS or TCP. You are also given an option to clear Tweets and save.

Now here’s the way you tweet, whether it’s sending a tweet, replying or direct message you’re sending you have three more options. You can send a pic, clicking on the camera icon at the bottom so you make your pic easier to take and post. You can choose to use a picture from your micro SD card, BlackBerry, or a live picture with your camera. There’s the GPS icon to include where you are gps wise, and which shrinks your page linkso it doesn’t take up as much room. After making your tweet, hit send and it’s faster than you can tweet. The message disappears in a puff of smoke. So fast I couldn’t get a screen pic of the poof, so fast that Linda Blair’s head spin look slow. It’s really neat though, you watch your message turn into a puff of smoke that dissipates quickly. And “poof” tweet be gone, it’s just that fast. And you can retweet any messages you want, with no errors or problems. The only thing you can’t do is direct message someone who’s not following you.

Simplicity of course. User friendly, couldn’t be anymore friendly. It’s the easiest way to tweet quickly and it does it while looking good. Other things I like about TweetGenius. Did you change your phone? New pin? No problem, there’s a User Portal for you to submit your new pin and they will change it for you. There’s always a link to download the newest version. And there’s an option to opt in for beta versions as well.

For the most part, TweetGenius has the most loyal users, and while it doesn’t support a wide range of networks or has as many of the features as some other Twitter apps, it’s a perfect base. Besides, it’s Twitter, and it’s TweetGenius. It just makes sense to be the app for the social network it supports. Anyone can use it from the advanced Tech checking on his blog to the celebrity who is just learning to tweet. So the app in itself is user friendly to the advanced as well as the newbie, anyone can use TweetGenius to check their Twitter and Tweet.

I asked Boy Genius what plans lay ahead for TweetGenius since this new update. He said the UI will evolve into something that can encompass an even wider user base. It will get more straightforward and for advanced users (you’re going to love this), more customizable. Rest assured, every Twitter feature (and more) will be implemented into TweetGenius in the coming updates.

CONS: There really isn’t a con with TweetGenius. It’s so easy to use and looks nice and is easy on the eyes, it’s a compliment to Twitter. If you set it to check your messages frequently it can wear on your battery. But there’s ways around it too. It’s all in settings.

PROS: Fast tweeting, colorful display t hat’s soft on the eyes, easy to find replies and direct messages. Easy to use to find people. If you have issues with the app, try going to options and changing some settings. That helps too. And TweetGenius is also on Twitter, so you can follow them and ask questions if need be. @TweetGenius .

You can purchase your copy of TweetGenius for $7.99 here

But wait, there’s more…if you don’t have TweetGenius and you’re apprehensive about the price, why not try it before you buy it? Yes, there’s a thirty day free trial available from TweetGenius. Let it fly on your BlackBerry for 30 days and then you can decide. Not one week, not two weeks, but a month. How many apps have that option?

Download the free 30-day trial of TweetGenius here

You can find and follow the BlackBerry Sync Team on Twitter too.

Scott/Admin: @blackberrysync

Susan: @daytripper67 Mine is actually set to private to avoid spam, but send me a message when you request, and I’ll add you and follow back.

Michelle: @phishgirl3


Compatible with OS: 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

Compatible with both QWERTY and touchscreen devices, with the exception of the Pearl and Flip Pearl.

[rating: 5/5]

BTW, if  you have and love TweetGenius, share the love with a comment and let us know, tell us what you really like about it. If you tried it and didn’t like it, tell us why. And if you’re curious about it and decide to try it, let us know. We want to know your loves and dislikes, come on, let’s see some comments.

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  • @CocoaBlossom

    I’ve uploaded the trial version but i finally buy the app. This twitter client is the best i’ve tried. i used UberTwitter before (which is a good app) but i prefer TwitterGenius i think is better.

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  • saumya sharma

    This is definitely the best twitter app ever!!! but the only reason im not gonna be using it is because although you can view your friends timeline you CANNOT view your friend list. SO you cant view who you’re following and who’s following you. that really sucks.

  • Jenn

    The only, and I do mean only thing I don’t like about this app is that icant figure out how to mention a friend of mine in a tweet. What I mean by that, is that when using ubertwitter, I I’m typing a tweet, all ihave to do is type the @ symbol, and a list of all my friends pops up. I can either start typing a name to narrow the search, or scroll through the entire list, but t least it’s there. I can’t remember the exact names of all my friends, &i mention friends in my tweets quite a lot. I’d just like an easier way to get them in my tweet. If someone knows of how to do this, feel free to let mw know!! :)

  • Stablerock

    The only problem I have with TweetGenius, is when I’m editing the tweet and going from one line to the next it send the tweet, even if my option says don’t send tweet on return or enter key.
    Does anyone knows the fix for that.


  • Susan

    That’s odd that it does that. I haven’t had that issue with mine. I don’t use the enter button, is that maybe what happens? I know that if you go into options and change that but it’s preset by default. I usually just keep typing and send. Or use the delete button and change what I need.

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