Lazaridis Warns Of The Heavy Bandwidth Crisis

February 16, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

You can see the signs of Bandwidth stress here in North America. Dropped calls and slower transfer speeds are part of the evidence. Blackberry maker Research In Motion, Ltd stated Tuesday that manufacturers must start making less bandwidth-eating products or they are going to choke the already congested airwaves.

As per ciol. As more users are leaving the contemporary cellphone in lieu of more modern technology such as netbooks, wireless data cards and modems,  and smartphones, the wireless data traffic has grown quickly and nearly coming to its full network capacity, according to Co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis.

He said that manufactures need to start creating more efficient applications and more efficient services. Lazaridis feels there’s no other way. He believes if we don’t start saving the bandwidth, a few years may lead us to the crunch on network capacity. He says the US is already experiencing it.

Lazaridis is taking this message to the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain. This event is the mobile telecom industry’s largest annual trade fair.

Industry executives and analysts alike are all warning about the coming bandwidth crunch. Wireless applications must all share the same limited spectrum, unlike fiber optic cables that can increase the data carrying capacity.

Smartphones eat 30% more bandwidth than a traditional cell phone. An analyst has even nicknamed the iPhone as an iHog , because it is one of the worse offenders. Mobile personal computers eat 450 times the bandwidth of a traditional cellphone. Now smartphones account for 25% of mobile phones today, but are projected to grow to 50%.

Analysts have sang praises of RIM’s relatively bandwidth-light devices which route most emails through the companies server. Studies show BlackBerry devices are 5 times more at emails and attachments than other platforms. On internet browsing they are 3 times more efficient than other carriers.

So how do you feel about the message? Do you agree about the bandwidth? I know in some areas AT&T does not have 3G coverage, but not because bandwidth was constricted, but because it doesn’t exist there yet. But it definitely is a message in RIM’s favor.

[via: ciol]

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  • DavidB

    The “whole web” is nice, but still impractical for smartphones. A WHOLE LOT of bandwidth is wasted downloading graphics and web pages from sites that aren’t optimized for mobile browsing on a sub-VGA resolution smartphone screen.

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  • Susan

    Well thank you DavidB and ceramic knife. I have to agree about a lot of bandwidth being wasted and points for debate. I don’t think Lazaridis was asking us to use it less for web browsing, but to use a phone that does it conservatively. BlackBerry smartphones are not near as much a hog with the bandwidth as per se an iPhone is. I think he’s expressing that those who design smartphones need to look at all aspects so we don’t get the crunch or feel it more.

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