Insanely Cool Theme for BlackBerry Storm called Pulse from Elecite!

February 21, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

I’d like to introduce you to Elecite’s new Premium Theme called Pulse. which is only available for the BlackBerry Storm. This theme has never been seen before, and features beautiful unique design (with 16 icons). In order to use this theme on the Storm you MUST have OS 5.0. Pulse looks amazing and currently has a free trial available from Elecite’s site, which will allow you to test the theme before purchasing… If you would like to purchase it, it’s only $6.99 from Elecite (follow the link below).

Update: Thanks to the comments below.. The Pulse theme from Elecite is actually based off of Emblaze’s Else Intuition OS. Still it looks pretty sweet!

Head over to and Purchase Pulse or Grab a Free Trial

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  • Matt

    Nice to see Elecite stole Emblaze’s Else Intuition OS and make no mention anywhere of this. Unlike their iBerry and Insprit themes, Elecite fails to give any credit to the individuals that actually came up with this wicked idea, there isn’t even mention of what this is based on.

  • Simon Sage
  • Scott

    Oh wow.. This is something I wasn’t aware of.. Thanks to both of you for sharing this with us.

  • xRollinx

    Whoops! Got way too excited to launch the theme. Credit now given :)

  • JLANelson

    Freaking AWESOME theme right here!!

  • Its just random

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  • Adalberto Bernell

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