Fixmo Tools Updates Again With A Trial

February 10, 2010 | By | 9 Comments

Fixmo is one of my favorite apps since it came out because it really is the ultimate tool kit for your BlackBerry. It’s given me an edge in maintaining my BlackBerry and has some features that any BlackBerry user can be thankful for. And today when cleaning out my memory, I found it had an update in store….

I was excited to see what was new. As I read the email after restarting my BlackBerry, the email has a new twist.

This time there’s important information concerning the Fixmo Tools beta testers. The update now has support for trial mode and product registration.  They’re looking for feedback on the workflow around these processes. There’s now a short trial time period for this release. If the beta user registers before the trial expire, the user will be eligible to receive a copy of Fixmo Tools v1.0 when it’s released. For registration, all you will be asked for is your email address.

The email thanks the existing testers for continued support, and then on to the description.

For any issues, Fixmo has a great response team, and you can email .

What does it include?


This icon lets you undelete email, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos that you accidentally erase.  You can undelete items from on the message menu as Undelete. For beta testing, you can undelete the last 20 you deleted. They want feedback on this option.

Flame Retardant

This option was created to save you from doing bad things to your relationships or careers.When you enable it, you are warned about if you are going to:

  • reply all to a message you were BCC’d on.
  • Replying to a system wide/mailing lsit message.
  • Bad words.
  • Repeat puncuation can be a warning.
  • All Caps.
  • Unintended recipients


This is as it says, the mission: to keep your BlackBerry silent during meetings. You can preset it as well. Great for movies, meetings, or work. The alternative to turning off your BlackBerry.

Forward/Reply with Edit

Inline Edit solves the issue of not being able to edit when you reply or try to forward. This works in the menu of messages too. This still does not work with PIN messages at this time. It’s great when erasing the zillion email addresses when family or dear friends forget to do that when they forward it to you.

Battery Watch

Battery Watch’s mission is to monitor your battery usage and warn you when the battery reaches low power levels. In addition, numerous statistics on the battery health are also available. Please focus on the UI and provide feedback on what you would really like there.

Memory Monitor

Memory Monitor is by far one of my favorite sections of this app. It’s mission is to monitor your memory usage, alerting you to issues, clearing cache, and providing numerous statistics.  They would like feedback on the utility and features you will find the most useful

For more documentation, head on over to Fixmo Tools documentations.

I’ve been using Fixmo for a while now, and it has helped my BlackBerry so much. I love the edit options, the memory, it’s really a BlackBerry saving tool.

It’s still in beta, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s free, so I have to wonder why you haven’t.

Download your beta copy of Fixmo Tools here

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  • Josh D.

    Thanks for the heads up. You rock.

  • Karie Kothenbeutel

    Thanks for your support, i dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Thanks

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  • Summer

    I just downloaded fixmo, thanks for the great find!!

  • SusanC

    You’re welcome, you’ll love this. I wonder why RIM never thought of this.

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