Don’t Miss The Cyber Shockwave Feb 16th,2010

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The Bipartisan Policy Center has announced some details on event coming up called the Cyber Shockwave. When you think about how vulnerable our countries are when it comes to technology, it puts it in a different light. So why should we be concerned and what’s a Cyber Shockwave?

Over a decade we’ve seen stories as an example. The Slammer worm shut down Bank Of America ATMs, Continental Ticketing system, and Seattle’s 911 network. Chinese hackers hacked Google and 30 other major US and international countries. When Russia invaded Georgia, the first step was to attack Georgian websites. It’s been going on, and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon. The more advanced our technology becomes, the more advanced the attacks will be.

From your cellphone to the military’s most sophisticated weapons system, cyber espionage and cyber hacking represent an economic and national security threat.

So what is Cyber Shockwave? It’s a simulated cyber attack on the U.S. The event will highlight the potential risk for an attack such as this, and examine the possible responses needed should an attack such as this occur. The Bipartisan Policy Center has organized a working group of high-ranking former White House, Cabinet, and national security officials to stage this real-time exercise. The mission: To advise the President as the nation mounts a response to the crisis.

Companies participating are: Bipartisan Policy Center, SMobile Systems, General Dynamics, Southern Company, and Georgetown University.

The following are the participants:

Michael Chertoff, Former Secretary of Homeland Security
Fran Townsend, Former White House Homeland Security Advisor
J. Bennett Johnston, Former Senator (D-LA)
John Negroponte, Former Director of National Intelligence
Jamie Gorelick, Former Deputy Attorney General
Joe Lockhart, Former White House Press Secretary
John McLaughlin, Former Acting Director of Central Intelligence
Stephen Friedman, Former Director of the National Economic Council
Stewart Baker, Former National Security Agency General Counsel

It will be a two hour long event and is one you will want to keep posted on. For more details as they come, please head over to the Bipartisan Policy Center website and you can keep track of the countdown.

Why is this relative to the readers? Think about it, the very BlackBerry you are using could be hacked, but also it can be used to do the hacking as well. And it could affect you in that it may be something downloaded, your service interrupted, so many things. As we’ve come to rely on technology, it could be our weakness too. I realize it’s not specific to BlackBerry, but it relates in the way that it’s including mobile devices and smartphones, including BlackBerry. I wouldn’t have chosen to post this if I didn’t think that we wouldn’t have something to learn from it.  This event will bring awareness to the actual threat of cyber attacks and what can be done. Are we prepared? It’s going to be interesting as we find out.

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  • BBmafia

    ??? Why is this even posted here? Can you say unrelated??? geez

  • Susan

    BBmafia, with all due respect, it’s relative to the fact that it’s security and that your BlackBerry could be used as a tool involved in such an attack, or your service could be interrupted due to one. The scope of security is a lot more broader than one may think on a daily basis. Perhaps if one thinks within the daily scope of just one’s life, we’d never understand it. Not until it affects you which someday it might.

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