BlackBerry OS gets ported to Nokia 5700…

February 5, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

I’m honestly not sure how this was done, but someone has figured out how to port BlackBerry OS onto a Nokia 5700 mobile phone. By the looks of the pictures the Nokia 5700 is running Pearl Flip 8220 software (OS and has full access to all menus and applications. It hasn’t been confirmed if any data actually works on this phone, but we highly doubt it’ll be emailing or BBM’ing any time soon… Still neat though. Keep reading to see more pictures and a video of this device in action.

[Source via Engadget]

Video of it in action:

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  • Joe

    A few years back at WES Rim was showing Blackberry OS running in a VM on Windows Mobile. Very cool software that nothing ever became of. Imagine having a real nice iphone that you could do what ever you wated and have a secure BB OS that the company controlled.

  • Superb Soul

    Terrific! I would also imagine BB OS over a iPhone 3S!

  • obbergton

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